Held From Above (and Within)

The more we learn how to find wholeness within ourselves, and the more we learn how to hold ourselves, the more we will feel held, loved, and supported… for there is a Universe within our hearts, and through our hearts we may connect to the eternal and the immortal, undying energy of the force that created existence itself…

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and I leave you with a clip of a performance of my love song “Held From Above” – about connection to deep, eternal love, that transcends the physical, and is beyond the transient ebb and flow of all that is temporary in this human existence.

One of my mantras these days is that: we don’t fall in love, or out of love. Rather, love is a state of being, a state of living, and seeing the world. When we embody love, we will feel love, the love that is all around, in its pure and eternal form.

The more integrated and whole we become within ourselves, the more we may embody that state of “BEing” love. And so, below I share a poetic prayer for the Integration of the Soul: for the rebirthing of Inner and Outer Worlds.

For those interested, I also channel personalised guided meditations & prayers to support you on your individual healing journey.

Embrace the energies of the Child,
pure and sweet 
loving innocence of play 
to welcome the dawning of the day 
with that fierce remembrance 
of who we are — not just who
we are here to become —
but all we are and shall ever become
encompassed by the
immortal present.

Embrace the energies of the Mother
gentle but firm
She who knows, a special kind of Love —
the love of self-sacrifice 
her own body a vessel for birth
with all the pains of such a process.
For beloveds, we are preparing to birth 
a new world.
And we must give ourselves,
in devotional opening
that the divine may 
channel through. 

Embrace the energies of the Father,
protective and wise 
for as we welcome in this new creation 
we must guard against 
those old-world illusions;
we must nourish those sacred seeds
free from influence;
we must build the sanctuary,
fortress walls not just outer
but inner —

the vulnerable internal world
that must adhere to discipline and
to prevent the manifestation 
of egotistical sickness
that would just re-introduce 
humanity’s plagues, in
more evolved and resilient forms.

Plunge deeper into the Work.
Question everything.
Believe nothing.

The chains shackling our minds are falling away, and as they do, it is our job to connect ever deeper with the unconditional love of the Heart, that our minds may be reconstituted, Whole, and ready to accept and to comprehend the radiant waves of bliss.

That are coming.
If we make the choice; to give, that we may receive.

With Love
~ Cara

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Through Chaotic Storms

Adrenaline shot
calms me down
paradoxical mess
gives a rest
to this racing heart
flowing winds
the time has come
to Be, through it all
sweet calm
centre of the storm
realities converge
in the upside down
of fallen kingdoms
ancient race
unwinding, unwinding
through time and space.

See the connections
revealing fruits,
of the sacred labour
on birthing trees.

Channels, opened
doors through the night
from darkness we are ready
to emerge,
the Light.

* * *

Yesterday, I was down at the Montezuma farmer’s market; a racing, bustling melting pot of energies; locals and tourists alike all pouncing on the baskets, overflowing with the abundant fresh produce of these tropical soils.

I spot a dear friend of mine, gracefully loading a cardboard box with apples. The small, sweet ones, that I grate into my spiced ginger and fennel-seed oatmeal, as a treat, when I’m calling for the flavours of European orchards to be muddled into my jungle home.

I say a dear friend, but we’ve only really met three times; when she’s come to watch me play music at Indigena Café. The last time she was there, she gifted me a beautiful skirt and blouse (I don’t often buy clothes, so a new outfit, particularly given I’m out performing a lot these days, was much appreciated).

And she told me to ask spirit for the way forward with publishing my book. She is a writer, and she has no telephone. We’ve exchanged emails, but somehow there’s been no need for the written or the verbal; mere telepathic glimpses into each other’s lives and the soothing sensations that spark every time we hug, are sufficient. They tell stories, of other places, and other worlds, and the language beyond words.

We hug, a long deep embrace, in the centre of that bustling market space, and for seconds that seem like hours I’m oblivious to the wild currents of that sea of people, of the need to race for my greens before they’re taken, of the weight of the bags slung over my shoulders, food for the family.

Peace and stillness manifests within, and you know, it’s always there. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be reminded of that, by pure loving souls, who you feel are truly whole; there’s nothing in their touch that claws at your energy, there’s just the energy of unconditional giving. We communicate so much through unspoken contact. Flesh on flesh. Cells colliding. So let’s be mindful of how we touch.

And remember, peace and stillness is always within. It manifests when we connect with our wholeness, total presence in the moment, the eternal moment which encompasses all and contains all we need.

And that presence and wholeness is something to cultivate in our everyday lives. Each moment. In seemingly mundane tasks of arranging the home, doing the laundry, watering the plants; in the chaos of busy places, when we think we’re in a rush, but actually, that’s just our mind’s perception of time. The soul moves at the perfect pace.

The more we live in ritual appreciation of each second, the more our lives become a living, breathing, dynamic meditation, that brings us closer to a sense of oneness, and connection with the infinite whole.

Stillness through the chaos.

Connecting with spirit is not about doing countless medicine ceremonies; and our level of spiritual development is not measured by how still we can sit in meditation in a perfectly calm space with the blissful scent of incense cleansing our minds.

It’s about how we live our everyday lives.

Each moment is the ceremony.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

~ Cara

Commitment… in Loving Flow

Sweet gentle waters
of the river,
for perfect flow
and sweet surrender
yet always a commitment,
steady and true
to find Her way
to the Sea

Is a person or a situation causing you difficulty because it is misaligned?

Or is it because you are in fact being faced with your own shadows, screaming for attention, craving to be resolved? Shadows that, in truth, you are afraid to look at.

Sometimes we need to look at those shadows, in order to become more luminous: to use the words of my teacher.

The plethora of people to connect with, relationship options, career opportunities, and endless possibilities of things to do and to pursue here in this physical reality present the temptation to just jump onto the next thing when challenges come up: all in the name of “going with the flow”, “following the heart”, and the “path of greatest alignment”. 

But let me tell you, that what’s most in alignment will not always come easy. Success doesn’t just happen overnight. Dreams aren’t manifested out of thin air. I had developed (and taken a sabbatical from!) my own legal practice at age 26 because I worked tirelessly throughout school and university – sitting my first scholarship exams at age 10, taking advanced subjects well ahead of my years, and putting in countless disciplined hours of work and dedication. My career skyrocketed when I started, because I learnt how to be in devotional service to my clients, constantly strive for excellence, expanding my knowledge, and also developing ever greater focus and discipline – not just in my work, but in my personal life, which included developing a regimented meditation and yoga routine even in my busiest moments, to take care of myself so that I could offer my best self to my work.

All that got me to where I am today – with a solid foundation upon which to grow and develop new projects, pursuing my deepest passions.

So my message for the day is this: to truly build a stable foundation in this life – both in terms of creating your stable inner world, as well as the external physical reality around – requires time, commitment, and dedication. 

Challenges will come up to test you, and your true commitment to your path. To give you the opportunity to go deeper into yourself, building your inner strength, and fortifying your core; that you may become more whole within yourself – thereby giving yourself more fully, more devotionally, to your mission here on this world..

Those who run away from challenge, always choosing the path of least resistance but never learning how to ride the wild rapids, will not develop the deep sturdy roots enabling for true growth up to the sky. For we need strong foundations, in order to soar to the Heavens above.

It’s one thing to be able to “go with the flow” in the sense of being flexible and adaptable when difficult situations come up, to find creative solutions, let go of attachment to what we think we may want, and have our hearts open to guidance for how to better achieve our overall objective. The detail may differ, the physical may shift and change, though the dream remains the same…

That’s quite different to running away. Running away from commitment.

Because deep down, that’s what many of us fear: in all aspects of our lives, from true commitment to ourselves and our personal growth, commitment in relationship, or commitment to our life’s work.

But commitment is so important. It is commitment that will bring us Home.

And so I send love and strength for the journey. If I can offer my support, please reach out.


The Alchemist

Spirit calls us to rise; release the tears, let go the fears… 🌙

for we are here to alchemise
lies to truth
hate to love
and shadows, to light, above...

This song was born, the day after a particularly difficult and sleepless night – I’d received news that brought one aspect of my reality, crumbling to pieces…

I’d felt tired all day, and picked up my guitar to energise and motivate myself to go down to play at the Tuesday night Songwriter’s night in town, that I regularly go to. As I was strumming a new tune, these words flowed out of me. I pressed the record button on my phone to capture them: as I do when I feel a new song is about to be created….

And I went down to play that night, full of energy, feeling expansive and reborn out of the ashes, ready to share magic with the world.

I want to remind you that every emotion, and every situation, may be alchemised. You have the power to shift your mindset, to shift your vibration, and choose the reality you want to create. Be mindful – where do you place your energy? Be aware of your thoughts, your actions, the people you surround yourself with. Do you allow yourself to get caught up in racing negative thought patterns? Do you allow yourself to be distracted from taking action on the things that matter to you… by procrastinating, scrolling, on instagram? How about the people you give your energy to? Healthy relationships should involve a balanced flow of giving and receiving – not be one sided and draining.

Now today is the Spring equinox. Every day, every sunrise, can be a golden moment to set new intentions, set your mindset for the day, and give thanks to the beautiful things that are present in your life right here and right now…

But today especially, I invite you to take some inward time for yourself. Time to reflect, journal, and set intentions – about where to put your energy in these coming months. Which seeds within you do you want to water, nurture, grow?

That we may rise together and blossom into the tall, sturdy, strong trees that we are. Reaching ever higher to the sky, with our grounded roots in the earth.

With love


~ Cara

p.s. this song may just become a duet, watch this space. And very proud of this special soul Alex Flett of the Sun Dragon One Man Band, releasing his first album today.

The Power of Conscious Presence

If we want to make a true difference in the world, it begins with the actions that we take in each day, in each moment.

The intention with which we breathe; for that very air we inhale, then exhale, is the air that travels through the atmosphere of this Earth, connecting and affecting us all.

The presence with which we move in our bodies; for our bodies are a blueprint, fractal emblem blooming, of the world and all its aspects, and the Universe itself; like reflexology points, mapping out the greater ecosystem.

Wake from your dreams, with conscious breath, and gratitude for this life.

Light a candle with the dawn, to transition from the shadow of night to the luminosity of day, with easeful harmony and grace.

Say a prayer for your loved ones, and give thanks to their gifts; how their unique, authentic, genuine selves are all a perfect expression of a greater whole, accepting them exactly as they are.

And love, and give, and love, and give; with respect for your energetic boundaries, respect for your own authentic expression and needs.

But knowing, that when we are being truly authentic, at our deepest core, we are Love and we are connected, to the shining brilliance of Source, and Source will provide us all we need, so that we flow selflessly in service to the Whole.

With Love,

~ Cara

Child of Light

Open that door, into the realms of the heart: where lays a clue, in the Light of the Child, ready to emerge from the Night…

I hope you enjoy the soft sounds of this musical poetic meditation: close your eyes, breathe in deep, and surrender to a journey down the corridors of your heart, to find the child of light inside. I am grateful to Nicole Treadaway for this beautiful co-creation with her channelled sounds and graceful playing of the monochord; and to Gianni of Indigena Cafe for providing this magical space for me to share my stories and poetry.

I wish you a beautiful weekend and I send my support in always finding calm, peace, and love, no matter what is swirling around: to be the still point in the centre of the storm.

With love,


The choice of Love over fear

You met me when I was a seed, 
blowing uncertain in the breeze…

But now I am a tree, 
growing high to the heavens, 
my roots in the ground
Bridge between heaven and earth
My eyes on the sky

And I wonder, will you grow by my side?
For you, you are a tree
Reaching to the stars
And I feel your strength
And I feel your purpose
And I feel ready, with nothing to hide
As I open and surrender 
My heart expanding above,
Unafraid, and filled
with Love

* * *

My prayer is that we always remember to choose Love over Fear. 
The choice is in our Hearts.
And it requires us to let go...
let go of our stories that block us from the Truth
that is ready to shine, to blaze forth...

that in the end, in the end there is only Love

may we remember
may we remember
may we remember

the choice is in your hands

* * *

I hope you enjoy this improvised jam & channelled poetry with my dear friends Miguel and Alex, at Indigena Café – a small batch chocolate making shop and Eco-Social business located right by the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

A beautiful new collaboration and community space is unfolding and blooming here on Thursday mornings. I am grateful to Gianni for his love and openness, allowing me to share my stories, poetry, and music in this beautiful place, to inspire love and magic, that we may shine through the darkness in this world.

Tomorrow I will be setting off on a travel to visit the Ngobe Indigenous Community who Gianni works with, in the south of Costa Rica. My heart is full of excitement and love, to connect with the indigenous peoples of this land, and connect deeper with the sacred heart-opening medicine of Cacao.

I wish you a beautiful week, full of love.


In Loving Presence…

Through the trees; 
a pathway, glimpsed,
my eyes
slicing between the overgrowth,
that had hidden the road 
back to You — 

brambles, had layered
my trembling heart 
fearful to open again,

and a heart that had seen you 
not for who you are today
but who you’d been
in moments, brief moments 
mere moments

in comparison to all the beauty 
we’d share through 

indeed —
perhaps in other dimensions 
we’d roamed

And I realise now,
this yearning deep
to simply forget the illusion —

to let go
of those doubts,
what in truth is so
sweet and

to radiate
from my entire Being
and shower you;
tears of joy, flowing
from an eternal Source of
as I bear witness 
to the beauty of our Souls
cleansed by the tides
of Love


May we learn to keep coming back to loving presence.

Keep coming back to this moment, here and now, and see the beauty in it: just as it is, as we learn to find gratitude in, and appreciate, all that we have in this second.

May we find the love within ourselves, that we may experience endless love around. Take a moment to nourish yourself, care for yourself: surrender and relax, into your own presence. Perhaps treat yourself by learning to cook a new healthy but indulgent dessert (I have been mixing up the recipe for my cacao balls, my favourite variation is now a date + macadamia nut base!), or make a homemade face mask with oatmeal and honey.

I wish you a beautiful day, and closing of the week, full of love.

~ Cara

The Treasure Within Your Heart

Sometimes, all of us has to be burnt away; in order for the new to rise.
And so, too, in relationship.

But that doesn’t mean it’s an ending;
simply a rebirth, the flames so strong 
and totally cleansing.

To leave the mind and the body, totally
Freed —
of those entrapping shackles, that were 
weighing true Love down,
and preventing it’s sweet flower
from blooming.

And in the end, once you realise 
that One is All
and All is One
then you’ll remember —

everything you desire
is already found 
in the sacred cave of treasure,
hidden within your heart
that’s now emerging 
in Divine revelation 
golden light, brightening
the Dawn.

* * *

Keep opening the heart, no matter what has happened to you in the past. Don’t let wounds, stories, traumas, prevent you from loving again… because you are worthy and deserving of feeling loved, and being loved. And for that, we must be open to receive this love in the first place…

Something that helps me when I am going through a difficult moment emotionally, when my heart feels tender and vulnerable and I’m doubting whether I want to trust and open, is to do a meditation/visualisation where I imagine that my own heart is a portal into the universe, containing everything that I need.

This helps me relax, feeling safe and comfortable, and with the knowing that love is sourced within me as opposed to found in an external person or thing. Often, we shut out love because we are afraid of the feelings of vulnerability that come with attachment and dependency on the external, or feeling like another person is “in control” of our heart and emotions. But when we anchor within ourselves, we start to realise that ultimately we are responsible for our own love and happiness. Everything else just adds to our experience, and we can enjoy connections, relationships, and possessions, without attachment, appreciating them for what they bring, but without reliance on what is ultimately out of our control – because we can never control another persons feelings or behaviours.

I invite you to try this visualisation – get creative. What do you see when you look inside your heart? Try to picture the feeling of love. How does it look? Perhaps it is warm, bright and golden, like a summer sun warming you on the beach; or perhaps it is a rich, cosy, woollen blanket, wrapping you as you sit by a crackling fire to break the winter chill.

I also want you to know that even within the same relationship, we can go through cycles of death and rebirth; endings of old dynamics that are no longer serving, in order to make space for new, healthier dynamics, as the individuals within the relationship mature and grow.

We are here to heal, grow, rise and shine together. Choose relationships that support growth, and give you the freedom to express fully and authentically, as the loving being that you are. Don’t be afraid to let go if something isn’t working out – find that feeling of safety and love within yourself, to be your own anchor as you move away on your journey through life. But equally, don’t be afraid to open. To trust, surrender, and be vulnerable – because therein lies true intimacy, connection, and expansion.

Have a beautiful and love-filled weekend!

~ Cara

Shores of My Dreams

I peer beyond, the thinning veil
searching for my Soul
there's a part of me that wants to know
just what the future holds...

but the answer, it won't be found
looking for something out there
the power, it lies deep inside
in the magic, of your own prayer...

You are the one with the power to create your own reality, to live your dreams, and to find peace within: in the home inside your heart.

The words of this song speak to me about many things, including finding peace and happiness by truly grounding into my own heart, and remembering my own sovereign power – there are many things in the world that we cannot control, but one thing that we can, is our perception and our mindset. How do we view obstacles and “negative” situations? Do we turn challenges around, using them as opportunities for our growth? Do we fight against the current, or do we go with the flow of the water, finding new openings into different lands, instead of narrowly focussing on those roadblocks – which are perhaps saving us from travelling into undesirable territory?

This song is also about my relationship with spirit – finding my sense of stability through deepening my awareness of, and connection to, all that which is greater than me: to the life force flowing through all of nature and all of creation, the interconnectedness of all things though the air that we breathe and the water we drink, all cycling around in a great circle of life.

I find that by connecting to that which is beyond my physical body, and which is eternal and infinite in its nature, I am better able to cope with unexpected shifts and changes in my life, and the transience of many things about this physical existence.

People, connections, relationships, come and go. Material possessions wear out, break, lose their shine. Our bodies age, and will eventually fade away. But energy is immortal. It changes form, but never dies.

I will love to know what this song evokes in you and means for you.

If you want support in developing a lifestyle where you feel deeper connection to your own heart and soul, you can read more about my mentoring programme.

Have a beautiful weekend,