Dance of Yin and Yang

I wake —

in divine remembrance 
feeling the kiss 
of Sunshine’s lips
upon my Soul

unfurling, blooming 
light within 
the darkness of memory 
spiralling forth;

a seed planted 
from the Moon
deep inside the caverns
of a cosmic womb

Infinite, eternal 
whisper from the Stars
sings its song
reaching lands afar

and the energetic chord 
of our immortal love 
keeps us anchored with the power 
of truthful word;

prayers carried, by the 
reminders of the bliss 
our commitment will bring 

and so each day 
we walk the path 
missions guided 
by the Heavens above 


The more whole we become within ourselves, the deeper we commit to our healing, evolution, growth, and the more truthful and devoted we act in service to our mission; 

the more we shall expand, hearts open, ready to receive, the purity of divine love in all its radiant forms

and ready to unite, with the love of our lives; 

it all begins with the Love inside.

may we transcend our judgments attached to the perception of polarities, to bridge the divide between light and dark, and integrate all within our souls…

On the theme of inner wholeness, I’m going to share below the outline of a meditation I’ve developed for supporting the balancing of inner yang and yin, masculine and feminine, energies. If you would like private work with me where I guide you through this visualisation, incorporating sounds and chants, just reach out. This particular visualisation came to me when preparing for a couples ceremony.

The images I use are designed to act on your subconscious. This particular visualisation works with images of light and dark, sun and moon, earth and sky; exploring polarities, yet also noticing how there is light within darkness (in the spiritual sense); potential within perceived emptiness (and vice versa). It is about transcendence of the judgments attached to the perception of particular polarities, to bridge the divide, collapse tensions, and make space for inner harmony.

Traditionally, the left side of the body is associated with the feminine, and the right side with the masculine. So too, is there the masculine/feminine association with “Father Sky”, “Mother Earth”, and the sun being masculine, whereas the moon feminine. This particular visualisation works with these symbols in a fusion that brings together opposite energies, within each and every one of us.

I hope you enjoy…

Laying down, place your left hand on the belly and your right hand on the heart. Get comfortable and relaxed, and take some time to drop in with your breathing.

In the first part of the visualisation, we bring the focus of the breath to the belly. Slowly start to visualise a light growing within the belly, and associate this with the light of the sun: a strong, bright, glowing “yang” or masculine energy. Visualise it expanding and growing to fill the belly and feminine womb space. Whether you are a man or woman, feel that connection to the womb, and the left hand.

Start to imagine this inner sunlight expanding until it not only fills the belly and womb, but starts sending roots down into the dark soils of Mother Earth. With your inner eye, explore these soils, become comfortable with their soft darkness, a nurturing darkness. Explore with your awareness until you find a seed, which we are now going to plant in the womb.

Feel the darkness of the womb, connected to the Earth, that is filled by Sunlight. Within that glowing inner sunshine, we plant a seed of potential, carrying with it the infinite possibilities of growth.

Now for the second part, focus the breath on the heart, breathing into the right hand. Visualise the heart glowing soft and gentle, connected to the “yin” energy of the moon. Perhaps your heart appears like the moon in one of her phases: notice whether it is full, crescent, or perhaps even new. Now, visualise the moon shifting through her phases until she becomes new, and feel your heart filled with darkness.

The darkness is not scary; it is dark like the night sky, with all the wonder and expansion that connection to the cosmos brings. Now, imagine travelling up into the night sky, and explore that universe up there that is also the universe within you. As you explore the darkness, start to notice the stars throughout the night sky, and when a particular star draws your attention, focus on it.

Feel the soft moonlight of the heart, that is an anchor and gateway to the dark expanse of the cosmos. Within that dark expanse, we are going to plant a “star seed”. A bright shining star, that is nevertheless dwarfed by the scale of the universe, yet within holds so much potential – to bring light and radiance to an entire world.

When you complete these two parts, allow your focus to expand to encompass both your belly and the heart. Breathe deeply, allowing your breath to flow between the two points where your hands rest on your body. Stay with this, allowing any awarenesses to filter through and settle, integrating these messages within all aspects of your being.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

~ Cara 🌹

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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