Circles & Ceremonies

From the darkness we emerge
into ever radiant rays of light; 
in tune with our unique gifts, 
unafraid to shine them bright. 

I host small ceremonial gatherings where we work with plants, sounds, and guided meditation journeys. You will be held in a safe, sacred container, for exploration of your inner world, as well as have the opportunity to share in circle with other women and/or men.

My Circles & Ceremonies

Each gathering is unique and tailored to the individuals, their needs, and any common topics or themes arising in that moment. My journeys take us deep into the inner world, exploring the subconscious, and bringing to the surface shadows to be seen in order for healing, growth, and evolution. The experience normally continues well beyond the hours we spend together: with insights and releases taking place over the coming days.

My gatherings are small, usually no more than five individuals, to allow us to go deep into the work with focus and attention, and have adequate time for sharing. If you are interested, contact me to arrange – whether you are already a group of friends/colleagues, or an individual who would like to join in with another group. I host both women’s gatherings and mixed gatherings, typically coordinated with the lunar cycle.

I am currently working with cacao, as well as Mariola honey (both internally and externally – as a medicinal aid to support physical vision healing, as well as cleansing the inner “perception”). Medicine use is always tailored to the individual – even in a group ceremony, the quantities and use of different plants is varied with each participant.

You will receive support not only during the ceremony, but also in the days following with any integration assistance that you need.

My background with Cacao:

I was introduced to cacao as a plant medicine and healing aid nearly 10 years ago, when suffering post-viral fatigue. I used ceremonial-grade cacao as a regular supplement: working with its nutritional health benefits for the physical body. Since then, raw cacao has always been an important part of my diet.

Whilst living in Costa Rica, I began using cacao as an aid to support my spiritual growth, working under the guidance of a mentor trained in shamanism who has been in service with cacao medicine for over 10 years. Since June 2021 I have been attending regular shamanic cacao ceremonies with my mentor to further my own personal development, as well as learn about the medicine and shamanism. I completed a three month “dieta” process – a special shamanic diet for connecting to the spirit of cacao, and during which medicine songs (“Icaros”) are revealed.

I have also visited the Ngobe Indigenous Community in the south of Costa Rica, learning about their traditions and use of cacao – both as a physical and spiritual medicine. I have played my medicine music regularly at Indigena Café, Cabuya, Costa Rica: a café and project supporting the Ngobe. I source my ceremonial cacao from the indigenous communities of Costa Rica.

My work transcends any one particular culture/tradition and belief system. I work with cacao to support my own chanelling from spirit, and to open your own channels, in order to receive communications from a greater source.

Mariola Honey:

In April 2021 I began a journey of holistically healing my then-terrible (prescription 6) vision. I began using Mariola honey (the honey of a special stingless bee), for cleansing my physical eyes. This journey of holistically healing my physical vision led me to connect deeply with my “spiritual vision”, and I began using shamanic and hypnosis techniques whilst using the honey, to explore inner healing and release deep traumas and wounds embedded in the psyche.

I now share the tools I’ve learnt with others – using Mariola honey both to support physical eyesight healing, as well as cleansing the “inner perception”. It is an aid to help peel back the layers of thoughts and beliefs which limit us, and allow the pure and free subconscious soul to speak.

Structure of my Ceremonial Circles:

My gatherings typically follow this structure, although bear in mind that each is individually tailored to particular topics or any specific areas of need to support the journeys of the participants involved. We connect in advance to discuss these needs, which I then incorporate into the planning of the session. A typical gathering involves:

  • Arrival, welcome to the space, and introduction to the session theme.
  • Open sharing circle – all participants have the opportunity to speak about what is going on for them in their life and journey in that moment: whether it be directly related to the theme or not. All sharing is welcome, and is confidential to the circle space.
  • I then give a deeper explanation for the work and intention of the session, taking into account what has been shared, and explaining any medicines that will be used. Use of medicine is optional and by invitation only – I discuss individually with each participant.
  • Serving of medicine, followed by guided meditation and visualisation journey: using sounds, chants, and some gentle bodywork based on craniosacral therapy (around 1 hour).
  • Closing sharing circle.
  • Potluck lunch and time for more informal sharing, and grounding in nature.


In Cara’s full moon rituals the participants are held in nurturing safety. She guides intuitively with the gift of her voice. My body and mind were able to relax. Thanks to Cara’s calm and grounded presence, I went into a deep meditation. This state of mind revealed the next step on my path to me. I’m so grateful for her skill to take me on an inner journey.

My spirit remains open and present for my healing to move through me. Thank you!


Claim your power…

… liberate your spirit

I believe health and wellbeing is a universal human right, and want to make my sessions accessible to everybody. 

I also believe in moving away from systems of bilateral exchange, towards a more expansive "giving" economy where we share what we have in excess and what we are able to give, in order to effect a natural re-distribution of wealth and resources, and transition beyond co-dependent structures to a web-like interdependent ecosystem. Read my poem: "economy of love" to feel deeper into my mission. 

For this reason, I do not operate with a fixed pricing model. If you would like to work with me, contact me at to discuss your needs and exchange.
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