… because what we all need is a little magic…

What is magic?” he asked, eyes wide with curiosity as he gazed at this strange gypsy girl. Well, though he called her a girl, really he had no idea of her age. She had a youthful look about her, but something in the deep fathoms of her emerald eyes betrayed an ancient wisdom: as though she had watched the birth of stars, and captured remnants of their glinting fire in the swirling mystical fabric of her soul.

She smiled, a glowing warm smile. Laughter began to spill from her rosy lips, first a slow trickle and then a flowing avalanche of joy.

“Come, do you not see?she whispered. And she took his hand, and she led him into the jungle deep, and she showed him the secrets of Life itself…

In search of another way…

Cara is an artist, poet, lawyer and performer, passionate about health and the environment, and endlessly exploring life’s mysteries through different creative mediums.

Lockdown in the wild

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself living “lockdown” in Costa Rica’s jungle paradise. My journey through the wilderness was as much an internal process, as it was an external adventure. Using my own experiences as a springboard, my new book on personal and spiritual growth explores how we can return to more harmonious ways of living.

Our inverted reality

“The world needs both a radical shake up in thinking, and an intravenous injection of Bliss Medicine to get us through these dark, depressing times…”  Read more

Songs of Gaia

My nature-inspired music and poetry aims to build bridges across the rifts that have grown between humans and the natural world. My mission is to help people reconnect with the wonder and magic that is all around, facilitate greater awareness and understanding of our environment, and live more consciously.

Existing works

The Awakening Series

My fantasy series, telling the story of a war between races and the destruction of the earth. It is a vivid exploration of light and dark, that forces us to look closely at our own relationship with each other and the natural world.

Forgotten Shadows

A twisted psychological novella about art…

The soul is born, alive with music and colour and beauty. Our talents, meant to be explored and celebrated and shared with the world. But when that is stolen, the inner beauty becomes twisted by forlorn rage and rusty fear. And then the soul begins to crumble…

Poetry and Music

For me, there is something special and cathartic about the process of creating a poem or a song. The unique vibration of each word, each note, weaves a healing web around me that brings some of the deepest secrets of my soul into the light. I believe in the power of music as a gateway into the subconscious mind, allowing us to unlock our hidden potential and understand our truth.


Recent Posts

  • Serenity
    The silvery thread Of a thinning cloud Piercing the sky Through a rainbow prism Unfolds my soul Strikes my heart With the hidden beauty Of a whispered song
  • Jungle song
    Here I danceTo the internal songOf the jungle birdsThat dip and weaveThrough the hidden fabricOf the sky’s veilThere’s a storm brewingWithin the pure whiteOf my shadow cloudWithin the paradoxical spellOf my soul’s singingSecrets
  • Shifting seasons
    The air is breathing, short and sharp with the freshness of its chill. The days are starting to feel the premature cut to their lazy long glory of summertime. And I’m feeling the bite of the cold, like the affections of a lover whose touch is no longer desired, whose presence is a distraction fromContinue reading “Shifting seasons”

Join my quest…

Always looking to share stories and collaborate with other artists. I am also seeking representation/ publication of my existing books.