Begin your healing journey…

In every moment there is a choice
In every choice there is power
With power comes the possibility
the possibility that anything,
any dream,
can come true

I am here to show you that you can live another reality… a reality of freedom, bliss, and connection…


I offer bodywork based on craniosacral therapy, guided poetic meditation journeys, ceremonial circle gatherings, and mentoring. You can also come for a retreat experience at my jungle home.

Creative magic

Through my writing, music, and poetry, my goal is to invite your mind to transcend the realms of logic and reason, allowing instead the subconscious voice within to steer you on a journey of reconnection to yourself and to the planet. Read more.

Action for Gaia

I am developing an ecological and self-sufficient sanctuary and community centre in Southern Costa Rica. You can read more about the project here.

Sweet water pouring down
cleanse my heart, cleanse my soul
as I drift, till I find
my heart's rhythm, my sacred flow
so we may bridge 
those ghastly rifts
grown between
the people and this earth

Oh we've wandered
without a guide
with blinded sight
through ignorant nights
But now with love
we awaken, strong
to dance and play
into a new day
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