Pledge to Gaia

A healing sanctuary…

Pause. Take a moment to reflect on what it is that you really need. Think back to basics: to food and water, to the land beneath your feet. That land is wrongfully, and all too often, ignored.

It’s time to change that.

I am looking to buy land on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, to protect and conserve this beautiful environment, which is a key focus of my project. I will also build a self-sustaining community centre where visitors can come to reconnect with the earth and be inspired to co-exist harmoniously with nature.

The centre will be focussed around the pillars of harmony (both in terms of living on this earth sustainably, and living peacefully with each other), health (of the mind, body, and soul), and creativity (with spaces for musicians and artists to gather, share their work, and encourage celebration of life and community).

If you would like to talk more about my vision, collaborate with me or make a contribution, please get in touch:


The property I have in mind is in walking distance to both the ocean and a river with beautiful waterfalls. Come and experience a jungle adventure, feel the refreshing pure water cool you after your hike, and play in a natural “jacuzzi” of swirling river currents. Realise the joy and pleasure that adventure brings, and allow yourself to be a playful child again.


Gaze up to the many different species of birds that grace the skies of the area, and allow your imagination to soar. There is so much on this earth, and in this universe, that is beyond our comprehension. Allow yourself to reconnect with these indescribable greater forces, to deepen your appreciation for life itself, and feel gratitude towards the earth.


A land which is taken care of, is a land which will nourish, nurture and sustain us. From the water, to the air, to the soil: the building blocks for the food that will energise and heal our bodies, the food that is our “medicine”. I only use natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable products and am committed to ecological construction and farming methods.

My mission is to simultaneously guide you back to basics, and to a more fulfilling life, as you fall in love with the most beautiful soul of all… the earth herself

My environmental background

I studied environmental law as part of my LLB Degree at University College London. During this time I was also a research assistant (in environmental law) to Professor Jane Holder, and I conducted pro-bono research (in conjunction with the Environmental Law Foundation) for a complaint to the European Commission on England’s failure to effectively implement the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive in the context of agricultural land development. My work involved analysing both the scientific and legal evidence for the inadequate implementation of the Directive.

I am a qualified barrister of the Bar of England and Wales. After 18 months in practice, I found myself “locked down” in Costa Rica during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is here that I have been deepening my relationship with the earth and understanding my mission to protect her. I am currently devoting my attention to creative writing that inspires reconnection to the earth and expanding consciousness. I am also developing my understanding of ecological living practices, learning about local ecosystems, and using food “as medicine”.

Open your eyes and your heart, and allow yourself to fall in love with her. Give yourself totally to her, and she will nurture you, body and spirit, oh so tenderly. She is the lover you have always craved. She will complete you.

I will bear that pain
to die over and over
see the repetitious cycle
of this mortal body
if it means that I
may walk in the clouds
midst angel song;
to bow at the gates
of that heaven above
where I shall give yet another 
parting kiss to this Earth
giving thanks for the blessing
of every single breath
and with a vow
of undying love
I commit to her heart
I give her my soul

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