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Roots – Community Centre

A healing sanctuary, temple, and community centre: fostering deeper connection with the earth and with each other…

The seeds for Roots have finally been sown in a beautiful land in Platanillo: a quiet rural area near Dominical on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast. It is here that I am creating a community centre – a place for healing, and reconnecting to the earth and one another.

The vision for Roots came to me 6 months after I was locked down in Costa Rica, when I received a strong inner calling to become a land custodian. I was living in Montezuma at the time, where I began my search for property. But after three deals fell through there, I was guided south: arriving effortlessly to connect with this magical 4.2 hectare farm featuring a waterfall at its heart. It seemed the lands of Montezuma kept me in their grasp for the perfect amount of time: for it was there that I met my now-husband Alex, whose own mission would overlap with mine.

If you would like to find out more about joining our tribe to collaborate with us or make a contribution you can read more below, and get in touch by email to

About us

Alex and I are both passionate about health, wellbeing, and spreading love in the world. We come together from different backgrounds, fusing together our skills from different parts of the globe, spiritual traditional, and practical experience.

We facilitate sharing circles and ceremonies together, as well as offer our services individually.

I am a holistic health mentor, craniosacral therapist and shamanic practitioner. Alex is a black belt in Kung Fu and teaches Qi Gong and Kung Fu. We are also both musicians, and themes of protection, purification, and healing of the Earth feature in much of our music and poetry.

The Vision

Our mission is to create and facilitate healing spaces where visitors can come to reconnect with the simple pleasures in life. A place to enjoy fresh organic food, clean water, and the soothing music of jungle song. A place to nurture the mind, body, heart and soul, and feel a sense of tribe and belonging with the Earth and all her creatures.

I am blessed to have received family support for the acquisition of the land. Now, a new chapter begins and we are currently in the early stages of infrastructure development and raising money to support the growth of the project, as well as building up our team of co-caretakers of these lands, healers, environmentalists, and creators.

A sense of family and community is at the heart of the project. We believe that health and wellness is a universal human right and want to be able to offer visits/retreats, attendance at events, and our practitioner services, inclusively to all – irrespective of background and finances. For this reason, we will be operating with sliding-scale pricing and alternative models of exchange. This is also why we need your help to get started – since we don’t want to start from traditional profit-making business mentalities.

Project development

We are seeking support with funding and the construction/ development of:

  • Communal rancho
  • Eco-dome house accommodation
  • Temple and ceremonial space
  • Trails around the property & meditation decks
  • Treatment room facilities
  • Permaculture

The first stage of development is intended to be the rancho – providing basic communal facilities so that we can start hosting events and workshops, and have the possibility for visitors to come and stay at the land and camp. For this build, we need ~ 25k.

If you would like to give financial support, we have the following packages and services to offer you as a thank you!

  • Over $100 – set of 4 x affirmations, along with explanations and meditation/visualisation techniques, for facilitating re-connection to the body, heart, mind, and soul (a sequence/toolkit for you to use over 4 weeks, 1 set per week)
  • Over $500 – complete materials for my 4-week mentoring programme “body, heart, mind, soul”, for holistic support in developing a healthier lifestyle (incorporating the affirmation and visualisation tools above)
  • Over $1,000 – 4-week programme + 2 x 1-1 consultations for developing a more specific plan tailored to your personal health and lifestyle needs
  • Over $3,000 – a 1 week all-inclusive visit for a personalised retreat out in Costa Rica: please talk to us directly
  • Over $5,000 – a 2 week all-inclusive visit for a personalised retreat out in Costa Rica: please talk to us directly

We recognise that support can come in many different ways, beyond just the financial, and so we are also looking for others who want to be involved in a more hands-on practical way.

Additionally, we are looking for a core team of land custodians to join forces with, in terms of sharing the benefits and responsibilities of enjoying land in Costa Rica. Ideally, we are looking for those who are interested to a) invest financially, b) live on site for a percentage of the year, and c) who will actively participate in the project: whether that be through construction, permaculture design, offering services/teaching.

Pledge to Gaia

We are committed to sustainable development, with ecological building and land management practices.

My passion for protecting the Earth was developed from a legal perspective when studying environmental law at university. Alongside my studies, I was involved pro bono in preparing the scientific evidence base for an environmental case against the UK government before the European Court of Justice, concerning England’s failure to implement the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive in the context of agricultural development. My article discussing the case, Semi-natural grassland decline: the failings of environmental impact assessment in England was published by Lawtext in the journal Environmental Law and Management, Volume 28 (2016) issue 5.

Alex has been a climate change activist himself and shares my values for fiercely protecting Mother Earth and seeking sustainable solutions for humanity’s survival and growth, symbiotically with the harmonious functioning of the planet’s ecosystems.

Meeting the land for the first time with our local agent. It very much felt like the lands chose us: and the process of becoming a land custodian has been incredibly humbling. It is an honour and privilege to protect a piece of Mother Earth: I am not her “owner” but merely a guardian, with duty and responsibility to protect her and share her, developing the lands in a sustainable way that preserve their integrity and unleash their full raw wild potential.
Walking the land with her previous custodians – a lovely local family who planted so many trees and have been conserving the jungle. We will be continuing to work together – they have so much local knowledge about the land to share, and I feel the importance of developing ongoing relationships with the local tico community who cared for these lands long before me.
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