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Cara is a storyteller, holistic health guide and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

Cara Amy Goldthorpe


Instagram: @songsofgaia

I have been passionate about health and wellbeing since beginning a deep journey of self-healing, following my own health crash in my early twenties that brought me to such lows – physically and mentally. Now, having recovered, I share the lessons I’ve learned and the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained, with others. 

I am also an artist: a writer, poet, and musician, and through my creative work, hope to inspire you to live more in connection with yourself, others, and the world around. Connecting with my art helped me during many difficult moments in my life – it is a powerful tool to transcend the physical, and explore realms beyond our logical mind. I believe that art is the key to a more enhanced and fulfilled life, to breaking free from constraining societal norms that no longer serve us, and to transcending negative and inhibiting emotions such as fear, anger, and pain.

And so here I am, integrating art and health, hoping to inspire you to live your best life – and feel good in your mind, body, and soul.

This is my story…

My struggles threatened to put my legal career on hold – before I’d even qualified – and so began my journey of devotion to my self-healing and recovery.

At the age of 21, I fell chronically ill and suffered a host of health complications following a gastrointestinal incident that left me unconscious and hospitalised. I was studying at the time, and fortunately was on an exchange year, during which it was easier for me to take a slower pace with my studies while my body recuperated.

I bounced back, though not quite back to how I’d been before the incident, only to dive deep into my final year studies at university. I gave it my all. I pushed myself to my limits. I graduated with a First Class Law Degree from University College London, amongst the top of my cohort, and had numerous scholarships lined up to support me on the next chapter towards starting my professional career – Bar school. 

And then I crashed, again. Another incident, another hospitalisation. This time, the post-incident symptoms were exponentially worse than before. I hadn’t listened to myself and my body. I’d driven myself to physical and mental limits in a desire to achieve my academic and professional goals – at the expense of the one thing that was more important than any of that. My health.

My struggles threatened to put my career on hold – before I’d even qualified – and so began my journey of devotion to my self-healing and recovery. I had countless doctors tell me they didn’t know what was wrong with me; medical tests that couldn’t diagnose my symptoms… which included drastic weight loss, dizziness and fainting spells, joint pain and inflammation, bloating and digestive issues, hot flushes and excessive sweating, and chronic fatigue. Put simply, my body was severely dysregulated across the board, from my nervous system to my metabolic. My mental health also suffered. I was depressed and anxious. I wasn’t getting any answers, and each day became harder to get out of bed as it felt like my life-force energy was being sucked out of me. I had little motivation for life.

And then, a series of chance encounters, meeting the right people at the right time, led me to start exploring meditation, holistic health, and alternative healing practices. I integrated ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science, explored different treatments and therapies, experimented with nutrition and supplementation, and beyond that, began meditation and spiritual practices.

I made it through, I passed my Bar exams, and I recovered my health enough to begin a career as a Barrister at law at Wilberforce Chambers, London. 18 months after qualifying and developing a successful commercial/chancery legal practice, I found myself coincidentally on holiday in Costa Rica when borders closed in response to the pandemic in March 2020. I’d taken a month off – in need of a true break, after working intensively on a number of high-profile cases. This time I’d listened to my body: this time I was aware enough to catch myself before overdoing it, and give myself a “pause”. Little did I know that that pause was perfectly timed – landing me to live lockdown in one of the wellness hotspots of the world.

In Costa Rica, I took my own personal healing to the next level – as well as trained in order to be of service to others. I’m currently on a sabbatical leave from the law, devoting my time to my creative projects (writing, poetry, and music), and healing services.

I am now a ceremonial facilitator and holistic health guide. I offer a variety of in-person healing therapies (read more on my services page), based on my training in craniosacral therapy and work with cacao medicine. Some of this work can be offered remotely via video-link if you are interested.

I also offer a 4-week mentoring programme (along with 1-1 consultations), which is designed to empower you and give you a tool-kit for creating a healthier lifestyle, more in connection with your mind, body, heart, and spirit. Each week revolves around a different theme, and I share a range of techniques (from breathing, meditation & visualisations, healthy recipes, and daily rituals) to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

I am here to inspire creative thinking, to promote new ways of living, and to show you an alternative, blissful reality that we can create here on earth.

I am working to establish a healing sanctuary and community centre in Costa Rica: a place of reconnection to the earth and to each other.

In my blog, I share my art, as well as some stories from my personal journey towards a healthier, more peaceful, and more joyful life. I am also always keen to co-create and collaborate with other artists – please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel the call.

With Love,

Cara Amy Goldthorpe  


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