Reflections from a Broken Muffler

dispersed songs
on a faulty radio channel
the cracks
in distorted frequencies
bleed together -
emerging in
a fragmenting whole
where you and I
stumbled around
collecting the pieces
of our broken disguise
to rebuild our identities
truer, brighter
incorporating more facets
of the light

* * *

The whine of my motor penetrates my ears, and I feel my jaw clench, uneasily, as the sounds pierce right through to my being and I feel a sense of damaging discord deep within. I need a new muffler - that much is clear. A resounding ring through my mind instructs me to do just that - and it's the only thing I can hear above the whir and the whine.

Sound plays such a vital role in our health. Surround ourselves with harmonious song, and our cells themselves will be called to dance. But find ourselves caught in the jarring clang of sharp noise, and our being will recoil. The cogs of our inner wheel chugging with an anxious frenzy to somehow maintain calm order. An uphill struggle.

Still, all vibrations, all frequencies, bear their message. And there's a time and a place for all teachings. Like different radio channels.

The work of a shaman involves tuning in to these so called channels, and transmitting through resounding chants, the songs that come from those other places, beyond the visible eye. Carrying messages, from the fractal matrix, intricate wisdom that is always unique to each moment.

The healer becomes like a mirror, and a prism, reflecting and refracting, back at the patient those teachings destined to transmute shadow, into that which is more luminous. 

When we face the deep dark caverns of our soul, that is when we can truly rise, emerging free. And liberated from the noisy suffering of our three dimensional reality.


reflections from beyond
recorded with Love
~ Cara 

Sorry to miss you last weekend! It’s been a little busy lately and lots of big changes as well as challenges — I just want to remind you that whenever things get tough, take the time you need to slow down, and reconnect with yourself. From that place of relaxed, calm serenity, it is easiest to weave around any obstacles that life throws.

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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  1. So we’ll written and true! It’s amazing how much noise can effect us! That’s why I’m a musician 😉. Great perspective on the role of the Shaman as well!

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