Reflections from a Broken Muffler

dispersed songs
on a faulty radio channel
the cracks
in distorted frequencies
bleed together -
emerging in
a fragmenting whole
where you and I
stumbled around
collecting the pieces
of our broken disguise
to rebuild our identities
truer, brighter
incorporating more facets
of the light

* * *

The whine of my motor penetrates my ears, and I feel my jaw clench, uneasily, as the sounds pierce right through to my being and I feel a sense of damaging discord deep within. I need a new muffler - that much is clear. A resounding ring through my mind instructs me to do just that - and it's the only thing I can hear above the whir and the whine.

Sound plays such a vital role in our health. Surround ourselves with harmonious song, and our cells themselves will be called to dance. But find ourselves caught in the jarring clang of sharp noise, and our being will recoil. The cogs of our inner wheel chugging with an anxious frenzy to somehow maintain calm order. An uphill struggle.

Still, all vibrations, all frequencies, bear their message. And there's a time and a place for all teachings. Like different radio channels.

The work of a shaman involves tuning in to these so called channels, and transmitting through resounding chants, the songs that come from those other places, beyond the visible eye. Carrying messages, from the fractal matrix, intricate wisdom that is always unique to each moment.

The healer becomes like a mirror, and a prism, reflecting and refracting, back at the patient those teachings destined to transmute shadow, into that which is more luminous. 

When we face the deep dark caverns of our soul, that is when we can truly rise, emerging free. And liberated from the noisy suffering of our three dimensional reality.


reflections from beyond
recorded with Love
~ Cara 

Sorry to miss you last weekend! It’s been a little busy lately and lots of big changes as well as challenges — I just want to remind you that whenever things get tough, take the time you need to slow down, and reconnect with yourself. From that place of relaxed, calm serenity, it is easiest to weave around any obstacles that life throws.

Dance of Yin and Yang

I wake —

in divine remembrance 
feeling the kiss 
of Sunshine’s lips
upon my Soul

unfurling, blooming 
light within 
the darkness of memory 
spiralling forth;

a seed planted 
from the Moon
deep inside the caverns
of a cosmic womb

Infinite, eternal 
whisper from the Stars
sings its song
reaching lands afar

and the energetic chord 
of our immortal love 
keeps us anchored with the power 
of truthful word;

prayers carried, by the 
reminders of the bliss 
our commitment will bring 

and so each day 
we walk the path 
missions guided 
by the Heavens above 


The more whole we become within ourselves, the deeper we commit to our healing, evolution, growth, and the more truthful and devoted we act in service to our mission; 

the more we shall expand, hearts open, ready to receive, the purity of divine love in all its radiant forms

and ready to unite, with the love of our lives; 

it all begins with the Love inside.

may we transcend our judgments attached to the perception of polarities, to bridge the divide between light and dark, and integrate all within our souls…

On the theme of inner wholeness, I’m going to share below the outline of a meditation I’ve developed for supporting the balancing of inner yang and yin, masculine and feminine, energies. If you would like private work with me where I guide you through this visualisation, incorporating sounds and chants, just reach out. This particular visualisation came to me when preparing for a couples ceremony.

The images I use are designed to act on your subconscious. This particular visualisation works with images of light and dark, sun and moon, earth and sky; exploring polarities, yet also noticing how there is light within darkness (in the spiritual sense); potential within perceived emptiness (and vice versa). It is about transcendence of the judgments attached to the perception of particular polarities, to bridge the divide, collapse tensions, and make space for inner harmony.

Traditionally, the left side of the body is associated with the feminine, and the right side with the masculine. So too, is there the masculine/feminine association with “Father Sky”, “Mother Earth”, and the sun being masculine, whereas the moon feminine. This particular visualisation works with these symbols in a fusion that brings together opposite energies, within each and every one of us.

I hope you enjoy…

Laying down, place your left hand on the belly and your right hand on the heart. Get comfortable and relaxed, and take some time to drop in with your breathing.

In the first part of the visualisation, we bring the focus of the breath to the belly. Slowly start to visualise a light growing within the belly, and associate this with the light of the sun: a strong, bright, glowing “yang” or masculine energy. Visualise it expanding and growing to fill the belly and feminine womb space. Whether you are a man or woman, feel that connection to the womb, and the left hand.

Start to imagine this inner sunlight expanding until it not only fills the belly and womb, but starts sending roots down into the dark soils of Mother Earth. With your inner eye, explore these soils, become comfortable with their soft darkness, a nurturing darkness. Explore with your awareness until you find a seed, which we are now going to plant in the womb.

Feel the darkness of the womb, connected to the Earth, that is filled by Sunlight. Within that glowing inner sunshine, we plant a seed of potential, carrying with it the infinite possibilities of growth.

Now for the second part, focus the breath on the heart, breathing into the right hand. Visualise the heart glowing soft and gentle, connected to the “yin” energy of the moon. Perhaps your heart appears like the moon in one of her phases: notice whether it is full, crescent, or perhaps even new. Now, visualise the moon shifting through her phases until she becomes new, and feel your heart filled with darkness.

The darkness is not scary; it is dark like the night sky, with all the wonder and expansion that connection to the cosmos brings. Now, imagine travelling up into the night sky, and explore that universe up there that is also the universe within you. As you explore the darkness, start to notice the stars throughout the night sky, and when a particular star draws your attention, focus on it.

Feel the soft moonlight of the heart, that is an anchor and gateway to the dark expanse of the cosmos. Within that dark expanse, we are going to plant a “star seed”. A bright shining star, that is nevertheless dwarfed by the scale of the universe, yet within holds so much potential – to bring light and radiance to an entire world.

When you complete these two parts, allow your focus to expand to encompass both your belly and the heart. Breathe deeply, allowing your breath to flow between the two points where your hands rest on your body. Stay with this, allowing any awarenesses to filter through and settle, integrating these messages within all aspects of your being.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

~ Cara 🌹

The Eve of Truce

A chapter is truly closing; the horizon
rushing towards, and yet
the days slowly unfolding 
as though caught 
in a lazy, melancholy 
It seems too surreal
for dreams to have arrived —
that there is a mystic detachment;
allowing the soul to float,
beyond the turbulence of the
physical existence;
that has certainly thrown
its share of the underworld
Tests and challenges,
before we’d finally come
to rest in the cocoon 
of eternity’s blessing…
What then?
What next?
You ask…
for life beyond 
the racing wheel 
of society’s cycling 
seems difficult to
Perhaps even boring —
there’s nothing to do?
But you see, the doing
is often a distraction.
To soften into the deep acceptance
of simply being,
to truly Be
requires confrontation of all.
In the silence of the womb
of the universe 
the noise of any incongruence
screaming pained child 
is heard,
Piercing veil,
penetrating the dark 
and bringing all suffering 
under observation.
To be with it,
to witness,
is to provide the space —
for ultimate release.
And that, is how we
find Peace.


Be kind. Be gentle. Healing starts in the softness of the breath, flowing through the infinite present. When we allow ourselves to truly connect with a state of acceptance and being with what simply is, we stop projecting the negative judgments that only amplify problems – whether they are be internal, or external.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

~ Cara

Tending to the Garden

If the inner garden is filled with weeds
then the intentions, of your sacred seeds
will not find footing in the soils
thus even the purest dreams are spoiled

And so our work, is to tend to those
overgrown lands, where seeds are sown
within, waiting for the moment to bloom
emerge to the light, from the cocoon

Those seeds have been there, all along
now we unlock, with our song
that the rhythm of life, rings loud and clear
the choice of expansive love, over contractive fear

* * *

Our work is to clear the garden, to make space for the seeds of our deep truth; our authentic expression and purpose of incarnation here on this Earth; that they may grow and bloom into fruitful trees.

We spend, often a lot of time, focussing on finding an "intention". Even if that intention comes from the Heart and not the Mind, the risk is that we narrow ourselves. We start focusing on the dream, the goal; without simply creating the environment in our day to day for the way to unfold, organically and naturally.

There is a time and space for setting intentions, of course. But so too is there a moment for stepping back to see the broader landscape, of where we are planting those intentions, and to work the soils that will lead to the perfect flowering of our deepest desires - which may be hidden from our conscious mind.

Let us also remember, that there is a state of Being that is beyond time, and the linear flow of how our human selves perceive reality. In this state, all dreams have already been realised, because past, present, and future, are converged in a singularity. And so, there is no need to seek, because that which is sought has already been found.

All that is required, in truth, is thus the clearing of all fears and obstacles that limit our connection to the infinite eternity within the heart, that reveals all, exactly as is meant to be expressed, in any mortal moment.

* * *

This writing came to me as I was preparing for an upcoming New Moon gathering. The New Moon is typically a time of setting intentions and planting the seeds for new beginnings. As we approach this coming new moon on Monday, 30 May, my invitation is to let go a little, take a step back, and take a look at your inner environment... the environment which affects the seeds we plant, or rather, the seeds that are already within us, deep within our subconscious.

I wish you a beautiful weekend. If you're interested in joining one of my ceremonies, get in touch!

With Love
~ Cara

Monetary Ebb and Flow

Energy is here 
to flow in and out of us, 
like water, as air; 
in constant rhythmic motion, 
to avoid stagnation, 
and the disease that brings 
parasitic blocks, 
in the fabric of our beings, 
in the life force of Creation...

For so long as the mentality is “what can I take?” …

we perpetuate
the same diseased pattern 
that has led to the destruction 
of the Earth
and exploitation 
of Her resources —
logical attempts 
to pin down the worth
and value of a service 
risk involving the ego
getting in the way of what ought 
to be the Heart’s loving trust
and surrender into the Universe’s
tender ebb and flow
necessary for the rebalancing 
of inner and outer ecosystems 


nothing in the universe, at the quantum level, is static – so any attempt to “fix” a price actually goes against the very nature of the universe itself…

The topic of money and pricing comes up a lot on my conscience these days; as I continue to make my transition away from a corporate job, and into offering my services in the health and wellbeing “industry”. I put industry in quotation marks because I don’t believe in the commercialisation of health and wellbeing (which I view as a fundamental human right) and indeed don’t even see my work in this field as a “business”.

Rather, it is my way of life; a practice, and an offering, in service to others and to the world. The further I journey in shedding the layers of my own ego, the more my sense of a separate “Self” dissolves. Instead, I appreciate the interconnectedness and ultimately oneness of this ecosystem here on earth. When we support the nourishment and healing of another being, another part of this web, we are in fact nourishing ourselves.

I also believe that to truly be doing their job, the goal of a healer must run contrary to business: contrary to the mentality of “getting” and “retaining” clients, and “expanding”. This is because the goal is to heal. And so if the job is done, the client will no longer need us. Equally, the more we heal as a global community, the less demand there ought to be on healing services.

Of course that’s not to say I (or any other healer for that matter) can be a “magic pill” — there is no magic pill when it comes to health. It is a daily practice that we must take responsibility for: while we are incarnated in these physical bodies, we must work constantly to balance our mind, body, and spirit. We must take care of ourselves on a daily basis, to cope with the challenges of life and the material/physical world, including existence in an ageing physical body that is regularly assaulted with all manner of pollutants in the water, air, and soil.

Depending on where an individual is in their own journey of reclaiming sovereignty over their being and taking care of their health, some form of regular support/therapy may be necessary. However, my goal remains: to not be needed. My goal is empowerment of each individual client to take charge over their own health — to equip them with the tools they need for their own self-care, and to be in tune with their own bodies, to prevent disease before it strikes.

And the goal of not being needed, goes against the nature of business.

Getting out of a business mentality requires the offerer of a service to dive deep into trust and surrender — into the ebb and flow of clients they may receive, and the ebb and flow of their income.

The deeper I’ve journeyed in my own medicine work with Cacao, and shamanism, the more I also find myself rejecting working with a model of fixed pricing for my services. I see how fixed systems are misaligned with the inherent functioning of the universe itself; a universe where nothing is static, and all is in constant motion. Not to mention that I believe in the power of unconditional gift and unconditional love — I see, with my own eyes, how my energy is different when I am connected to a pure state of love and devotional giving, without thinking about what I am going to “get” in return, and the impact this has on my clients.

Coming back to more of a logical discussion about fixed pricing — think of its limits. It does not take account of the differing backgrounds and circumstances of the parties to the exchange, and of their differing present needs. It does not take account of different perspectives on what a service is worth, or the energy involved in delivering that service.

Indeed there are many constantly changing variables from day to day. If my vehicle has broken down one week, my expenses for that week are going to be higher than usual because I have to make an additional repair. Perhaps in another week I am working through some challenges of my own, so my energy levels are lower and I am less able to give my time and my energy to others, because I’m more occupied simply with rebalancing myself. On the other hand, perhaps I receive a generous donation from a client in one week which enables me to share more abundance with others in my community, or devote more time to working with less materially-wealthy clients who nevertheless can benefit from my support. Perhaps I have a week feeling so full and abundant, materially and energetically, that I can be more outward and giving of my time and resources.

I believe that truly surrendering into monetary ebb and flow is the only way to realign with how the universe operates at a quantum level, and that is how we can start to live harmoniously as a wider ecosystem on this planet. If we are fighting against the inherent nature of things, how can we expect to find peace?

An interesting analogy also came to me recently — I was reflecting on how in traditional systems of medicine, disease is considered to arise when there are blocks or imbalances in the energetic flow within the body; whether it be the “Qi” or “Chi” referred to in traditional Chinese medicine, or “prana” in yogic/Indian tradition. Chi is meant to flow; not be stagnant.

Since money is just a form of energy — surely it is meant to flow also? The moment we cling on, to fixed pricing systems, fixed valuations of our time and services in the name of “knowing our worth” (ask: is that the ego talking?), to savings in the name of building our future — we risk stepping out of heart and into mind; where limited human logic gets in the way of us living in alignment with the world that we are a part of.

Furthermore, too often we think that money brings security and stability — and yet by thinking in this way, by sourcing our security and stability in something that is external to us, we make ourselves incredibly vulnerable. For we don’t develop the necessary inner stability which will allow us to be flexible and adaptable to change and disruption in our physical field.

Indeed, the only true stability we have comes from working on our inner strength and core; and from this growing out, to build true, deep, loving connections with those around us, forming harmonious community relationships at the micro scale, and rippling this out, rebuilding a more harmonious world as a reflection of our internal balance.

I believe the more we work on our internal world and balance within; the more we can surrender and let go of our desperate grasping on to things in the material world (that has led to us exploiting the earth’s resources), and live more fluidly. Always questioning ourselves as to what is it that we truly need? And what are we here to give?

For those interested, I am happy to share more about how I work. If you’re interested to work with me, just reach out: letting me know your health needs in this moment, what you would like support with, and what you would like to offer me for my time. We take things from there: opening a discussion based upon what you feel to offer, and then discussing both of our present needs and availabilities.

For me, deciding to work with an individual involves many aspects. It is about whether we are compatible, whether I can offer the service desired or whether I feel that someone else is better suited to their needs. It depends on my schedule and whether I have capacity to properly devote to the service. It depends on my own needs and how I’m feeling in any given week; for I also have to take care of myself in a material world, with physical limitations such as time and resources.

This life is a constant journey of rebalancing, and we all do our part. That together, we return to the loving purity within our hearts, trusting in the ebb and flow of existence, and the natural recalibration of the wider ecosystem.

You can read more about my “Economy of Love” dream here — and I will be posting more practical writings about how this can be achieved, soon.

I wish you a beautiful day, and closing to the weekend. If you’d like to support my work, you can share my messages and posts, or make a donation by tapping the link to by me a coffee on the right hand corner of my page.

~ Cara

Ritual for Rebirth

remember that each day, is a new day; may the light of your inner Sun, forever guide your way…

May the light of the Sun
shine his radiance down
filling our hearts,
'till the fears have flown

And tears, dried by the heat
of a steady, loving,

The truth evades, 
for we cannot know
the mysteries deep; of where
and why the winds blow

Here on earth struggling 
to comprehend:
What comes next,
beyond the End?

While time slips by,
slowly, gently
beneath the ever-present
radiant Sky

We learn, we grow
we begin to transcend
mortal wounds, that block
the path to ascend

And step by step
the road reveals
the power of Love,
and all it heals

we leave behind
tapestry of trauma
begins to unwind

Rising, to the tune
of a Magician's spell
and casting our dreams
into the wishing well

The time is coming,
it's nearly here
we must hold on
to all that's dear

That clarity will,
emerge from the storm
and we'll come together
Whole, Reborn

Wishing you a beautiful weekend;

of Light

of Love

of Magic

… and sending my support for the journey, through the wild winds of Life.

Take care of yourself. Light a candle for the Dawn. Sing to the Sky what you are grateful for. Tell your loved ones how you love them. This moment is precious, each day a sacred gift.

~ Cara

Blood Stains on Paradise Shores

Oh how it pains me to see these marks; like the ocean, is bleeding…

Signs of the red tide, the toxic algal bloom that’s being worsened in frequency and intensity, by human pollution.

How it pains my heart; that I want to run from the ocean that has always cleansed my soul, and indeed this spot which has been sacred to me since I arrived here — the turtle sanctuary in Montezuma, a special place for my spirit.

When I smell the rancid reek of the waters, like rotting fish; I want to turn away. To stay far from the shores. Perhaps because I’m ashamed? Of myself and humanity… that we are failing…

Perhaps when I’m far, I can avoid facing the truth.

Yet the truth we must face. And with open arms, and a loving spirit, embrace all: shedding our fears, shedding our judgments. Those negative feelings simply worsen the situation by perpetuating a sense of hopelessness and despair, that will paralyse us, and prevent or delay the healing process…

Intention is everything. With love we can heal. But to love, means that we must stop. To see, to witness her. We must actually face the problems, not hide away. To love is to see all. Not to selectively witness beauty, then turn our backs on the wounds. The pain and the suffering.

And we must take action before it’s too late.
Every little act makes a difference…

“Oh I believe we can find a way; and I trust I will see the day

when the waters flow clean again; story of our planet, we write the end…”

What food products are we buying? Are we supporting industries that use products toxic to our planet (and ultimately, toxic to us?)

If all of us make a change, we can shift the market…

What products are we flushing down our drains? Beauty products, body products, cleaning products.

How do such products make us or our homes “clean”, when this comes at the expense of the pure blue of Mother Earth’s waters, I ask?

Here is also a petition you can sign to support bringing matters of the Red Tide recently affecting Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, to the attention of the government. No matter where we are in the world… the pollution (and purification) of the planet’s waters affects us all.

And every prayer for Her counts, sending our Love, that the purity in our Hearts may support the purification of her waters.

I believe we can make a difference. We can heal our planet. The change starts today…

Thank you for your support.

~ Cara

Stormy Purification

“mystic touch…
nestled in the womb
of a Shaman’s dream
opening portals 
in the Night…”

This is an improvised jam from a stormy evening; wet-season jungle rains tumbling down. As I played, I could feel a deep sense of connection with the elements, with the Earth, and the power of alchemising emotions.

Also, a feeling of transcending temporary turbulence along the human journey of life; and delving into deeper appreciation of all that is eternal, and beyond the physical and material reality. And so my prayer is that, as individuals, as a community, and as a race here on Earth, we unite beyond our differences, to create harmony and a heavenly reality.

I also believe that to do this, we must turn deeply within: practice radical honesty with ourselves, gain awareness of our own shadows, wounds and triggers.

With discipline, forgiveness, and love, may we rebalance ourselves, that we may bring balance to the world.


I wish you a beautiful weekend, a weekend of balance and harmony. I invite you to use the weekend to nourish yourself and set intentions for the week ahead. If you’d like some inspiration, here are a few little examples from my routine…

  • Wake up and make a fresh herbal tea (recently I’ve been enjoying hibiscus, ginger, sometimes also infused with cacao nibs!)
  • Creative Journalling – don’t think, just be, writing down anything that comes up. Normally I write abstract poetry, inspired from my just-waking-up, half-dream state.
  • Meditate on my balcony, followed by some gentle stretching and Qi Gong before breakfast.
  • Make a trip to my weekly Saturday farmers’ market to stock up with healthy food for the week (look at these greens…!) and cook up a nourishing lunch.
  • Take alone time for my own self-care in Nature (also, away from my phone!)
  • Take time to reflect on the previous week, as well as look toward the coming week, writing down my schedule and set intentions and goals. In writing out this schedule, devote time to self-care, social, and work.

With Love,

~ Cara

And remember, I’m here to support if you need.

Reflections… Two Years On

Sometimes it feels like I blink – and another year passes by. It’s hard to believe my two-year anniversary of being unexpectedly locked down in Costa Rica has just come and gone. So, I decided to share a little of what I’ve been up to lately. For those who are only just getting to know me, I had been practising as a barrister for 18 months in London before I took a holiday to Costa Rica, and had my flight back cancelled when borders closed in response to the pandemic. You can read a little more about me and my journey (in particular as regards recovery from chronic illness) on my Bio page.

My first year of sabbatical leave was very much focussed on my own personal healing and development – working on the health of my mind, body and soul. My physical health was a particular priority for me, given the health issues I’d suffered in the past, and which catalysed me to take an extended break from the law in the first instance. As to that, I’m particularly grateful to my clerks and members of Chambers, who really supported me in finding a solution that worked for me once I opened up honestly about my struggles. It’s when you don’t have your health that you realise how much it means, and that without it we have nothing. So to anyone feeling run down, and struggling with health, my message to you is this. Please don’t hide: speak up, ask for the support you need, before it’s too late. Slow down a little, get to know your body, and listen to the warning signs…

I learned a lot about myself in that first year of leave. It was a very inward-focussed year, and I realised how we can get so caught up in external distractions, and spend so much time rushing around, that we can go through life actually hardly knowing who we are. Once I took the time to really tune in with myself, I found that I was reconnecting to passions I had as a child, and I started to see the world with fresh eyes and think in new ways – feeling a general sense of expansion.

This second year, now with a greater sense of who I am, and feeling of wholeness within my own heart and soul, my attention has turned outwards: what is it that I am here to offer to the world?

I am here to burst bubbles, as well as build bridges, between different ways of thinking and living… My work transcends particular spiritual beliefs, and ultimately comes back to a focus on love and empowerment, helping others to express fully and authentically, and discover their own teacher within.

It was just less than a year ago that I set off to study craniosacral therapy on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It also marked a pivotal moment for me personally, as I embarked upon a journey to heal my (then-terrible) vision, holistically. When I left my home on 1 May 2021, I left my prescription lenses behind. Forcing myself to set my gaze forward and commit to this healing path. It all began with a book I read by Jacob Liberman “Take Off Your Glasses and See”, which I would highly recommend. Whether you have eyesight problems or not, I can pretty much guarantee it will shift your perception and enhance your “vision”, in the broader sense of the term. I have made a few sporadic blog posts about my vision-healing journey, which I intend to talk a lot more about in future.

Studying craniosacral therapy was a crucial moment for me in terms of laying sturdy foundations from which to build upwards, and bring together my various skills. I have acquired a lot of knowledge from my own personal healing journey – and want to be in service to others when it comes to health and wellbeing. So, I’ve been adding skills to my toolbox; learning about different healthcare options and systems of medicine. My long-term vision is to establish a healing sanctuary and community centre, a place to host events, workshops, and retreats, and provide community space for gatherings. My mission is to inspire healthy and harmonious living – with each other, and with nature. And I believe it all starts with our own health: if we are not taking care of ourselves, if our own physical body is not in harmony with itself, what example are we setting to others and to the world? And what can we truly give to others and to the world, if we are giving from depleted or leaking cups?

Leaving my health & wellbeing training and projects to the side for one moment, this year I also finished the edits of my novel Siege, for which I am currently seeking representation/publication. It is a fantasy novel about a war between two empires and the destruction of the planet Meridisia, laced with psychological, metaphysical and spiritual themes. The protagonist, Arian is a storyteller and psychic, who has been hiding under false names since birth for reasons even she does not know. When her city comes under siege, she unexpectedly finds herself leading the people into battle. 

But all too soon, the troubles within her own heart cause Arian to manifest destructive realities. She is plagued by visions, and is sensitive to the suffering of other souls. When her brother is wounded and she is captured, Arian is finally forced to look her inner shadows in the eye. Will she succumb to the darkness, or learn to love even the enemy?  Siege explores how, to end cycles of war and suffering, we must first confront the darkness within our own hearts – the true enemy that external barricades, such as fortress walls, cannot protect us from.

While my quest for a publisher is in process, I am working on a new book, “Calypso, The Pilgrimage: a Novel on Love, Sex, and Spirit”. It is a book about personal and spiritual growth, and the journey to find wholeness, harmonising the different facets of our soul and becoming our own greatest lover, healing the wounded inner child, and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within all of us. It draws from many of my own personal adventures through life, my healing journey, and spiritual experiences. It also comments on and exposes various “illusions” in both the physical/material, and the spiritual, world.

As someone who has dived deep into various “wellness scenes” around the world, I can tell you, there is a lot of woo woo around. There’s good woo woo, that will expand your horizons and catalyse some pretty epic personal growth; and there’s woo woo that’s frankly dangerous. I’ve encountered fake shamans and tantric teachers who are clearly preying on the weak and the vulnerable to fuel their own egos, material greed, and even lusty sex drive. It’s sad. And these people who are abusing their power-positions can give a bad reputation to ancient healing practices, that have the potential to be profoundly transformative. When I lived in London, I supported a venture (actually called Woo Woo) where we trialled and reviewed different wellbeing events, and I wrote a number of articles on their blog about my experiences.

There’s traps, pitfalls, illusions, in all walks of life. The “Western” and the “alternative”. So, having walked both paths, I see myself as here to burst bubbles, as well as build bridges, between different ways of thinking and living. To encourage you to question everything, and believe nothing, as you connect deeper with yourself and unlock your inner wisdom that will guide you through life – to make the best decisions for yourself, to take care of your own body and health, and to find your own sense of purpose and meaning. I believe that everyone is their own teacher, and while others can be a source of inspiration and support, ultimately it is our journey of reconnection to self that will empower and liberate us – offering us the feeling of true bliss and freedom in our lives. My work transcends particular spiritual beliefs, and ultimately comes back to love and empowerment, helping others to express fully and authentically, and discover their own teacher within. This is the focus of my set mentoring programme, as well as at the core of all the work that I do with others – from sharing my creative arts, to one-on-one healing sessions.

In this regard, I see myself as a bridge between different “realities”. I’ve lived diverse lives, from the city professional, to spending time in the Costa Rican jungle with one of the indigenous communities here, and learning from a teacher who works with shamanism and sacred cacao medicine.

Now a little about my daily life out here in Costa Rica. Well, it comes with all of its ups and downs; as life does anywhere. At the beginning of this year, after lots of time, money, and energy invested, I had a property deal fall through the day before closing. It took nearly a month for me to get my deposit back, during which time I heard many rumours that sent my insides turning. My trust and patience was tested to its absolute limit. Despite having a detailed Sales and Purchase Agreement in place (worked on extensively by myself), as those of us who work in the law know, the time and energy that can be spent on enforcement of a contract (not to mention the limited available remedies) is sometimes just really not worth pursuing a dispute. I preferred to release my attachment to that beautiful property, to surrender and let go, and turn my sights to new opportunities.

Day to day life out here is so varied and never gets boring. In some ways it is “simpler” than my life in London, in other ways more complex. Mostly, my days end up being pretty full simply with the practice of living. Taking time to be in ritual with the basics of life: cleaning the house, preparing food, watering the plants. Expanding deeper and deeper, into the present moment. Too often we get caught up in what’s next on our agenda. Yet the destination of life is death, and if we are always just racing through, we’ll have missed the beauty in the tiny details of each second.

I create a lot: and am increasingly sharing my music, poetry, and stories in public venues. Although I have memorised some “popular songs” that I’ve written, most of my gigs are improvised, allowing me to ebb and flow with the mood of a particular place, and adapt my messages depending on current topics and issues that are alive to me, my community, or even the world. Recently, the waters by my home have been suffering from a particularly bad “Red Tide – I speak a little about this issue in last week’s blog post and you can sign a petition if you want to support bringing these matters to the attention of the Costa Rican government. I’ll share some songs about this soon.

I have hosted personalised “retreat” experiences from my little home, pending the creation of the sanctuary and healing centre that I envisage. I believe in always taking action in the present, in order to manifest and create the future that we dream of: and for me that means doing what I can with the resources and space presently available to me. It was a pleasure hosting a friend from London, who works in sustainable architecture, at the beginning of this year – kicking off a new chapter for me, as I step out into the world and start to share with others the tools, therapies, and knowledge that I have gained along my own healing path.

This year I have also been delving deeper into work with sacred cacao medicine, led by my shamanic teacher. The deeper I go into this work, the more I am realising how for me, deeper connection with spirit means finding deeper connection and grounding with the real world here on earth. The higher we fly, the further we need to dig our roots deep: expansion is in both directions. 

Exciting seeds are also being planted – with regard to collaborations with the indigenous communities out here in Costa Rica. A regular music venue for me is Indigena Café – a small batch chocolate making shop and eco-social business. The owner, my friend Gianni, buys his cacao directly from the indigenous people (from the Ngobe Community) and is working with them to support the establishment of a school that will keep the indigenous traditions alive. I will write more on this as things unfold, and how you may get involved and support if it is of interest. I made a visit down to the community last month – it was a beautiful and eye-opening experience.

Well, that’s a little summary for now! Stay tuned for more to come, keep loving and living in gratitude for each day, and take action to make your dreams come true…

I believe you can have it all. It’s a question of mindset, discipline, and having the courage to pursue your passions…

With love,

~ Cara

p.s. I have just created a channel on YouTube where I will share more of my music/poetry/storytelling videos… if you want to follow my creative work you can subscribe to that too!

If you want to support me, you can also donate through the link below or by buying me a coffee. I mostly work on donation basis, or exploring alternative ways of exchange for my services, as I do not believe in systems of fixed pricing. Economic models based on fixed pricing totally fail to take account of differing individual needs and circumstances, and are built upon arbitrary labels of what is valuable, that are inherently limited in what they can describe in monetary terms. Furthermore, by subscribing into such a model we simply perpetuate and support a system that has given rise to the class divides and separation our society suffers from. I will be writing much more on this topic soon, but for now you can read my poem “Economy of Love” which gives a sense of my beliefs.

I also believe that health & wellness is a universal human right and want to always ensure accessibility of my services to all. Even by suggesting a price for exchange can bring expectations and connotations along with it that can make those who cannot afford the suggested price feel inferior, or put them off from opening up and discussing what they might be able to offer, from a non-material perspective. Wealth is so much more than money, and I believe it’s time to shift our perceptions around material abundance, reflect deeper on what it is that we really need, and the different ways that we can give to one another.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Waters of Life

And may those cleansing waters
of life, wash us
free from our fears -

and as those pouring rains
fall upon the earth
purge its pains

banish sickness from the heart
as we learn to let go
release, surrender

our egos, and the beliefs
that have trapped us for too long
and kept us apart -

the time is here, 
to remember our wholeness
and unity beyond the labels

separation, no more
may we stand together
in integration

of All
united at last
as One

The “Water Song” in this video came to me one day at the river. For those who don’t speak Spanish, I sing three verses; one for the river, one for the ocean, and one for the rains. The theme is cleansing and purification, as we connect to the water in its different forms.

I then go on to talk about “integration”. For me, this is the purpose of my spiritual path. To connect deeper with everyone and everything around me – no matter our superficial differences at the surface. That’s one of the reasons why I’m enjoying, increasingly, to play my music in different venues. To mingle with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. To feel different energies. To appreciate and to witness all that is part of this melting pot – of existence.

I’ve also just been reflecting on the nature of water – how it can change form, from flowing streams to the ocean, evaporating into the sky, falling as rain in another land, freezing and becoming ice that will later melt and flow back to the sea. Appearing differently, but in the end, the same.

Is this not the case with all elements? And we, ourselves, in our own bodies… are mostly water.

On the topic of water, I’d also just like to mention an environmental issue that’s been on my mind and heart lately. Here on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, where I call home, we have been experiencing what’s known as a “ride tide” for months this year. It’s an algal bloom, but its occurrence is becoming more frequent, and is being grossly exacerbated by human impact from pollution. It can be quite dangerous for marine life and humans alike – causing respiratory diseases, infection, skin irritation, nausea… the smell emitted is also a neurotoxin, causing headaches and dizziness.

You can read more about the issue, and sign a petition on to bring matters regarding human influence on red tides, to the attention of the Costa Rican government (scroll down on the page for the English version).

Let us protect the waters of this planet… the waters that are an integral part of our own selves. For we are one.

Thank you so much for your support, and I wish you a beautiful day.

~ Cara