Tending to the Garden

If the inner garden is filled with weeds
then the intentions, of your sacred seeds
will not find footing in the soils
thus even the purest dreams are spoiled

And so our work, is to tend to those
overgrown lands, where seeds are sown
within, waiting for the moment to bloom
emerge to the light, from the cocoon

Those seeds have been there, all along
now we unlock, with our song
that the rhythm of life, rings loud and clear
the choice of expansive love, over contractive fear

* * *

Our work is to clear the garden, to make space for the seeds of our deep truth; our authentic expression and purpose of incarnation here on this Earth; that they may grow and bloom into fruitful trees.

We spend, often a lot of time, focussing on finding an "intention". Even if that intention comes from the Heart and not the Mind, the risk is that we narrow ourselves. We start focusing on the dream, the goal; without simply creating the environment in our day to day for the way to unfold, organically and naturally.

There is a time and space for setting intentions, of course. But so too is there a moment for stepping back to see the broader landscape, of where we are planting those intentions, and to work the soils that will lead to the perfect flowering of our deepest desires - which may be hidden from our conscious mind.

Let us also remember, that there is a state of Being that is beyond time, and the linear flow of how our human selves perceive reality. In this state, all dreams have already been realised, because past, present, and future, are converged in a singularity. And so, there is no need to seek, because that which is sought has already been found.

All that is required, in truth, is thus the clearing of all fears and obstacles that limit our connection to the infinite eternity within the heart, that reveals all, exactly as is meant to be expressed, in any mortal moment.

* * *

This writing came to me as I was preparing for an upcoming New Moon gathering. The New Moon is typically a time of setting intentions and planting the seeds for new beginnings. As we approach this coming new moon on Monday, 30 May, my invitation is to let go a little, take a step back, and take a look at your inner environment... the environment which affects the seeds we plant, or rather, the seeds that are already within us, deep within our subconscious.

I wish you a beautiful weekend. If you're interested in joining one of my ceremonies, get in touch!

With Love
~ Cara

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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