Monetary Ebb and Flow

Energy is here 
to flow in and out of us, 
like water, as air; 
in constant rhythmic motion, 
to avoid stagnation, 
and the disease that brings 
parasitic blocks, 
in the fabric of our beings, 
in the life force of Creation...

For so long as the mentality is “what can I take?” …

we perpetuate
the same diseased pattern 
that has led to the destruction 
of the Earth
and exploitation 
of Her resources —
logical attempts 
to pin down the worth
and value of a service 
risk involving the ego
getting in the way of what ought 
to be the Heart’s loving trust
and surrender into the Universe’s
tender ebb and flow
necessary for the rebalancing 
of inner and outer ecosystems 


nothing in the universe, at the quantum level, is static – so any attempt to “fix” a price actually goes against the very nature of the universe itself…

The topic of money and pricing comes up a lot on my conscience these days; as I continue to make my transition away from a corporate job, and into offering my services in the health and wellbeing “industry”. I put industry in quotation marks because I don’t believe in the commercialisation of health and wellbeing (which I view as a fundamental human right) and indeed don’t even see my work in this field as a “business”.

Rather, it is my way of life; a practice, and an offering, in service to others and to the world. The further I journey in shedding the layers of my own ego, the more my sense of a separate “Self” dissolves. Instead, I appreciate the interconnectedness and ultimately oneness of this ecosystem here on earth. When we support the nourishment and healing of another being, another part of this web, we are in fact nourishing ourselves.

I also believe that to truly be doing their job, the goal of a healer must run contrary to business: contrary to the mentality of “getting” and “retaining” clients, and “expanding”. This is because the goal is to heal. And so if the job is done, the client will no longer need us. Equally, the more we heal as a global community, the less demand there ought to be on healing services.

Of course that’s not to say I (or any other healer for that matter) can be a “magic pill” — there is no magic pill when it comes to health. It is a daily practice that we must take responsibility for: while we are incarnated in these physical bodies, we must work constantly to balance our mind, body, and spirit. We must take care of ourselves on a daily basis, to cope with the challenges of life and the material/physical world, including existence in an ageing physical body that is regularly assaulted with all manner of pollutants in the water, air, and soil.

Depending on where an individual is in their own journey of reclaiming sovereignty over their being and taking care of their health, some form of regular support/therapy may be necessary. However, my goal remains: to not be needed. My goal is empowerment of each individual client to take charge over their own health — to equip them with the tools they need for their own self-care, and to be in tune with their own bodies, to prevent disease before it strikes.

And the goal of not being needed, goes against the nature of business.

Getting out of a business mentality requires the offerer of a service to dive deep into trust and surrender — into the ebb and flow of clients they may receive, and the ebb and flow of their income.

The deeper I’ve journeyed in my own medicine work with Cacao, and shamanism, the more I also find myself rejecting working with a model of fixed pricing for my services. I see how fixed systems are misaligned with the inherent functioning of the universe itself; a universe where nothing is static, and all is in constant motion. Not to mention that I believe in the power of unconditional gift and unconditional love — I see, with my own eyes, how my energy is different when I am connected to a pure state of love and devotional giving, without thinking about what I am going to “get” in return, and the impact this has on my clients.

Coming back to more of a logical discussion about fixed pricing — think of its limits. It does not take account of the differing backgrounds and circumstances of the parties to the exchange, and of their differing present needs. It does not take account of different perspectives on what a service is worth, or the energy involved in delivering that service.

Indeed there are many constantly changing variables from day to day. If my vehicle has broken down one week, my expenses for that week are going to be higher than usual because I have to make an additional repair. Perhaps in another week I am working through some challenges of my own, so my energy levels are lower and I am less able to give my time and my energy to others, because I’m more occupied simply with rebalancing myself. On the other hand, perhaps I receive a generous donation from a client in one week which enables me to share more abundance with others in my community, or devote more time to working with less materially-wealthy clients who nevertheless can benefit from my support. Perhaps I have a week feeling so full and abundant, materially and energetically, that I can be more outward and giving of my time and resources.

I believe that truly surrendering into monetary ebb and flow is the only way to realign with how the universe operates at a quantum level, and that is how we can start to live harmoniously as a wider ecosystem on this planet. If we are fighting against the inherent nature of things, how can we expect to find peace?

An interesting analogy also came to me recently — I was reflecting on how in traditional systems of medicine, disease is considered to arise when there are blocks or imbalances in the energetic flow within the body; whether it be the “Qi” or “Chi” referred to in traditional Chinese medicine, or “prana” in yogic/Indian tradition. Chi is meant to flow; not be stagnant.

Since money is just a form of energy — surely it is meant to flow also? The moment we cling on, to fixed pricing systems, fixed valuations of our time and services in the name of “knowing our worth” (ask: is that the ego talking?), to savings in the name of building our future — we risk stepping out of heart and into mind; where limited human logic gets in the way of us living in alignment with the world that we are a part of.

Furthermore, too often we think that money brings security and stability — and yet by thinking in this way, by sourcing our security and stability in something that is external to us, we make ourselves incredibly vulnerable. For we don’t develop the necessary inner stability which will allow us to be flexible and adaptable to change and disruption in our physical field.

Indeed, the only true stability we have comes from working on our inner strength and core; and from this growing out, to build true, deep, loving connections with those around us, forming harmonious community relationships at the micro scale, and rippling this out, rebuilding a more harmonious world as a reflection of our internal balance.

I believe the more we work on our internal world and balance within; the more we can surrender and let go of our desperate grasping on to things in the material world (that has led to us exploiting the earth’s resources), and live more fluidly. Always questioning ourselves as to what is it that we truly need? And what are we here to give?

For those interested, I am happy to share more about how I work. If you’re interested to work with me, just reach out: letting me know your health needs in this moment, what you would like support with, and what you would like to offer me for my time. We take things from there: opening a discussion based upon what you feel to offer, and then discussing both of our present needs and availabilities.

For me, deciding to work with an individual involves many aspects. It is about whether we are compatible, whether I can offer the service desired or whether I feel that someone else is better suited to their needs. It depends on my schedule and whether I have capacity to properly devote to the service. It depends on my own needs and how I’m feeling in any given week; for I also have to take care of myself in a material world, with physical limitations such as time and resources.

This life is a constant journey of rebalancing, and we all do our part. That together, we return to the loving purity within our hearts, trusting in the ebb and flow of existence, and the natural recalibration of the wider ecosystem.

You can read more about my “Economy of Love” dream here — and I will be posting more practical writings about how this can be achieved, soon.

I wish you a beautiful day, and closing to the weekend. If you’d like to support my work, you can share my messages and posts, or make a donation by tapping the link to by me a coffee on the right hand corner of my page.

~ Cara

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