Waking mercy of the sunrise

Won’t you show me where your strength lies

Furnish hope and give me courage

To endure this earthly body


For the limits of the flesh

Weaken resolve, crippling the soul

And the numbness of a frigid night

Is stealing joy away from sight…


You wonder why it all went wrong

What turned the tune of your fair song

What was the sin in your past life

To send these shadows haunting you


But steady now, the light has come

A silent angel has returned

To share her glowing, gracious breath

And turn your thoughts away from death


For now


Ahead it stretches, all around –

The wilderness, this unmapped land

A forest thick to infinity, and valleys so deep

The light doesn’t reach their hidden corners,

Where dark secrets grow in empty fathoms

Hollow, yet laying contentedly

In stillness, much unlike the restless

Chambers of your bleeding heart


Watching, you marvel in silence

At this vast expanse, your eyes wide

With a child’s curiosity, a fool’s fascination

A thudding in your chest, an aching rapture

For freedom stirs around the corner, lurks at

Mystery’s edge, where reality meets fantasy

And civilisation melts into –

The primal, the wild, the untamed


There’s almost no hesitation, almost

Your body is poised to run this proud race,

A defiant chase into the unknown, the mystical

A place where not even the wind dares blow

On some secretive nights when

The blinking stars turn out their lights,

Bowing with respect to the forces that

Surpass even stellar glowing royalty


You’re free, nearly –

You’ve come this far, wandering blindly,

Escaped the numbing bitterness

Of a past that clenched you, far too strongly,

As though your body was wrought just for the purpose

Of enslaving your mind, and for so long

As you dared draw breath, the noose would tighten

And fasten you surely to your fate


Yet now, at the edge of the wild, where

Your soul may escape and dance to the music

Of trees rustling and a thousand leaves whispering,

You pause in fear, a moment too fleeting

For an observer to notice, yet too long to escape

The seeds of doubt that find

Merciless roots in a heart still tender

From the iron brands of self loathing


For you heard the lion’s roar –

Just as inky twilight sank her teeth

Into those lonely roads, travelled upon

Too few occasions to even merit names

And timid you drew back, daring a glimpse

To where you came from, hopeful eyes once bright

As sunlit dew, now their fervour is dampened

By the chill night shadows


The seconds tick, though you’ve no measure of time

You stand caught as though by cobwebs,

Trapped by silky strands

There’s no shackle but that of your inhibition,

As undecided and alone, you remain both

Unsure of why you travelled, and afraid to discontinue

The journey you so eagerly embarked on

Those many summers ago


Then the heart stirs, its melody muffled

Yet steady nonetheless, for an echo of future promises

And past lessons hold you firmly fast,

With courage to wait the night and begin when dawn

Comes to robe you with strength, and the weapons

To fight when you’re alone in the wild –

It’s not cowardly to wait for morning,

But your wise heart’s newfound sensibility


— For those gems who’ve been my sunrise, giving me strength to chase my fears away.

Image: Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederic Edwin Church


I hear, before I see her

With her voice like molten gold

Weaving through the trees it fills

The spaces between with glory


And I feel, tug on my heart

A firm pull, but not ungentle

Sure and true, like wisdom’s whisper

Guidance from a future that I dream


Then I glimpse, midst the branches

Bronze limbs shining ever bright

Her skin oiled and smooth as

The tender touch of sunrise


She turns, the halo of her light

Blinding me for a second

And when my eyes recover they

Behold a sight so pure I cry


With laughter flowing from her

Precious lips of gleaming rose,

She reaches a hand to steady me

And share her joyous love


But whilst she moves, the veil

Of her auburn locks reveals her

And I falter in the presence

Of the body that’s endured her scars


It seems she doesn’t notice,

Her naked flesh betrays not a flinch

She smiles, a smile so audible

It soothes the cracks within my soul


Then I feel, more than I see her;

Sparks igniting in my blood

As in her arms she holds me,

Takes me away into her world


With the melody of her free spirit,

And the aching harmony in mine

Our bodies weave a music

To endure beyond our time


Now in my mind I’ll hold to

The sweet scent of her courage

And so long as I remember, she

Will fill me with feminine might

The woman she can be

She’s seduced by confident looks

The promise of protection

She’s unsure, unsteady, unknown

Straight into his arms she runs


Confused bird

Wings still growing

Dazzled child

Heart in awe


She’s told her thoughts don’t matter

And that pleasure’s not for her

She just has to listen and please

For now, let go of other dreams


Stunted bird

Away from light

Blinded by

Another’s sight


She learns to hold her tongue

Suppress what’s viewed as wrong

Moulding her future to his wish

She makes her life defined by his


Trapped bird

Wings clipped

Lost girl

Voice unheard


She hides beneath his shadow

Too weak to crawl away

She takes joy from the false delight

Of being what she’s ought to be


Fallen bird

Wings broken

Lonely girl

Bred to serve


The memory lingers on

The shame, the hurt, the pain

Piercing moments, intimate

Invader in the night


Crippled bird

Wings deformed

Haunted girl

Wanting more


It’s time to face the truth

Then leave it all behind

With new wings take to the sky

Become the woman she can be


Image: David Seguin, Young woman

I will be

When you’re feeling all alone

I’ll be there to guide you home

Though the road may weary you

I’ll make sure your path stays true


When the sun sets for the day

I will drive your fears away

And though dark the night may be

With my light I’ll make you see


Things are not so bad at all

You will rise after you fall

There’s a dawn after the night

A new day golden and bright


One day the storm clouds will clear

And your grief will turn to cheer

I will help you until then

I will be your faithful friend


Though the pain will last a while

I vow that you will soon smile

For I’ll tend your bleeding soul

And I’ll fill that gaping hole


Let me be your saving grace

From this brutal savage race

Let me help your dreams come true

I’ll be standing beside you


Hungry echo of fear,

Dormant whisper in blood

Chews away at threads,

In the fabric of time.


Gnawing at the soul,

As life seeps from flesh

Convulsions numb love,

Wounded body fading.


Into the night,

Into darkness

As passion grips a mind,

Holding onto a dream.


But as answers disappear,

Hope morphs to disbelief

And pleasurable pain,

Becomes enduring despair.


Image: Edvard Munch, The Day After


Unsatisfied, you spend days

Searching for something more

Craving all the answers,

You yearn for something better,

An antidote to your banes,

And for life to be flawless.


But whilst you do, the present

Slips away forgotten, and lays

In tattered shards, as ghosts

Of a forbidden future

Haunt your dreams,

Stalk your waking memory.


Foolish heart, caught by its passion,

Whilst the mind is a whirlwind

Of neglected truths lurking inside

An unmapped maze, eternal and

Fierce, death to any who tempt

Fate without a guide.


Fool, when will you learn?

To control the outbursts, calm

The spirit and nurture what’s had,

Before it is gone and

The heart clenches with

Sorrow for what is lost.


Stop dreaming of life on the other side,

Holding to a vision blurred

By a haze of thoughts, which

Elude all that is rational and sane

As they dwell in the mists of

Roused trouble.


Stop, before you miss the call

Of the angel who was always there

But is now here to say goodbye,

For even the strongest

Can only share so much strength,

Before they too will crumble.


Fool, change your ways

Before it’s too late

And you are to be left

Mourning, for the life you once had;

A life that was in truth perfect,

Despite its many tender flaws.


Image: Dali, Persistence of Memory


She lays helpless in a haunted embrace

As whispers of night call mockingly

Sinister words, mind doubting the body

It’s caught in a brittle and barren world


Her vision is blinded by burnt shadows

As they brush her spirit callously

Burning despair and bitter fear, tramples

A heart locked in hopeless thought


Be her angel of light, golden glory

Dare to spare her a kiss of your mercy

Rouse the fire and break the spell

Over a beggar awaiting love’s return

Won’t you

Won’t you come dance with me?

And let go of fear

As we flow through the music,

Dive into ourselves


Exploring those treasures,

Precious soul secrets,

Hidden within they

Wait for melody’s light


Won’t you come sing with me?

And let go of pain

As our voices rejoice,

Entwine through the air


Their pure harmony

Will fill us with peace,

A caress opening

The heart with delight


Won’t you laugh with me?

Abandoning reason

There’s no truth but the present,

And no one but us


There’s no problem too great,

For our strength to surmount

No path too murky to travel

With our newfound sight


There was no time for words

No need of them to be sure

The truth was there, waiting

Clear as an open door

The moment felt so real, such

A connection couldn’t be a lie

I could see her soul in ecstasy

From the glimmering in her eye


There’s no describing it, the

Feeling roused from a spark

With its vibrant radiance

Chasing away the dark

Vivid image trapped;

Mind holding still the time

Begging to capture this precious,

Trembling taste of the sublime


And there in her arms

Head pressed against her breast

I listened to her heartbeat;

Felt the rising of her chest

Raptured by her aura

Engulfed in her lyrical scent

Whispered touch, then tender kiss

Our passion made its ascent.