Won’t you

Won’t you come dance with me?

And let go of fear

As we flow through the music,

Dive into ourselves


Exploring those treasures,

Precious soul secrets,

Hidden within they

Wait for melody’s light


Won’t you come sing with me?

And let go of pain

As our voices rejoice,

Entwine through the air


Their pure harmony

Will fill us with peace,

A caress opening

The heart with delight


Won’t you laugh with me?

Abandoning reason

There’s no truth but the present,

And no one but us


There’s no problem too great,

For our strength to surmount

No path too murky to travel

With our newfound sight


There was no time for words

No need of them to be sure

The truth was there, waiting

Clear as an open door

The moment felt so real, such

A connection couldn’t be a lie

I could see her soul in ecstasy

From the glimmering in her eye


There’s no describing it, the

Feeling roused from a spark

With its vibrant radiance

Chasing away the dark

Vivid image trapped;

Mind holding still the time

Begging to capture this precious,

Trembling taste of the sublime


And there in her arms

Head pressed against her breast

I listened to her heartbeat;

Felt the rising of her chest

Raptured by her aura

Engulfed in her lyrical scent

Whispered touch, then tender kiss

Our passion made its ascent.


Let it rush over you

Joyous energy of life

Flooding through you soul

Cleansing you from strife

Let it nourish you

With strength to get by

Fill you with power

To soar in the sky


Be free of this body

This trapped frozen pain

Caught deep in your heart

A physical bane

Let yourself sing

A sweet melody

Then return to your body

This time fearlessly

Blood Leaves

Image: Road to Liguria, Italy – Herman Rhoids

The dark forest stretched ahead. Trees wrestled with each other in their search for the sun, yearning to be gilded by light. But their growth is warped, bodies twisted, locked together in a vicious embrace.

She thrust apart the branches, struggled between sentient trunks. Twigs recoiled, and thorns clawed her face until ruby tears flowered upon her cheeks.

The blisters on her soles split open once more. But moist earth drank her blood, muddy soil hiding all trace of a tormented pilgrimage.

Onward she walked, until a branch whirred by and struck her chest. Falling, she uttered a hopeless scream that died off into the abyss of a savage land. Her captor.


The silky voice was like a physical presence, rubbing over her body to soothe her wounds.


A command.

She staggered to her feet and looked back in the direction she had come from. No longer a narrow trail through the wilderness, but a wide path that disappeared into silvery fog.

A paved road; leading to civilisation.


The desperate plea tugged at her heart, filling her with need to respond.

* * *

I walk in search of the speaker. Hard stone rejects the sores on my feet, scattering blood droplets to either side of the road. They solidify, sanguine globules morphing into autumn leaves, my pain banished in these glorious remnants of life.

But they are rusty remains, soon to dry and shrivel, pierced by icy splinters of winter.
I must make it before then.

Gazing ahead, I see the luminous cloud beckoning. Cobbles shine in reflection of its lustre, dark stone accepting a gracious gift of pearly light.

I long to reach the vapour, touch it, feel mist on my cheeks and inhale fresh air. Escape the cage of forest limbs, decaying leaves, and unforgiving cold.

I can see a figure, waiting for me. Body slender as an aspen, a shadowy contour against the nebulous orb.

I know I must reach her.

For darkness flourishes at the planet’s core, and rotten fruit hangs from scarred boughs.

— Part of the metaphysical thread in The Awakening


Eyes, darting from left to right

Heart, split in two

Soul, dwelling half in

dark and half in light


Road, forking east and west

Mind, grappling

Body, yearning for

from this search, a rest


Spirit, torn midst night and day

Questioning, is it true or false?

Unknowing of the answer –

is she to go or stay?


Wanderer, treading

gingerly upon this

broken path, as

dried leaves crunch

underfoot, remnants

of a glorious summer;

a time when the

world was brighter,

greener, fertile.


Now, petals in decay,

rotting fruit forgotten,

their beauty lying only in

a memory, distant and

fading like a parting

touch, goodbye kiss;

tender, yet bringing

the firm finality of a

future apart –


a lifetime lost.


Will you dare to break the rules,

Defy what’s taught as right?

Will you risk what you have won,

For this new dream in sight?


Will you overcome convention,

And go against the norm?

Will you redefine the purpose,

For which you came to be born?


Will you run up to the edge,

And take a blind leap?

Unknowing of all consequence,

Be it regret, or reward to reap?


Or perhaps you’ll bide your time,

Climb silent to the top

Where you’ll wield a new power

No force could possibly stop


Then you’ll rewrite the rules

A victim to them no longer

Your words will bring acceptance

Make the outcast all the stronger


You’ll challenge what is right

Question what’s thought wrong

And those once lost in false shame

Will find they now belong


Captured, by her eyes of steel

It would be wrong to call them cold

They’re only hardened against a world

Which punishes those who feel


Her passion, dark as night

Hidden beneath false layers

A guarded guise, heart opening

Only to those with a certain sight


Ruptured, your soul is caught

Splintering beneath her fearsome gaze

Those grey chips of ice –

Questioning what of her is sought?


Her tears, they’re gleaming

Bright in the surrounding storm

This whirlwind of wilderness

Too oft denied understanding


Fractured, your body cracks

Weary as submerged remnants

Of a painful past rear up

Revealing the love she lacks


She smiles, the first you see

Eyes sparkle as her burden shifts

Your shoulders swiftly stealing that

Which prevents her being free


One word, one whisper

A feeling sparked

A burning hiss

Bitter anger, breaking fear

Harsh intruder takes over


Ripples spread, waves rise

Flooding fast

As an incoming tide

Painful regret, ghostly echo

Lonely call of your demise


Heart trapped, foreign angst

Gentle but firm

As seduction’s trance

Uncanny delight, enchanting pain

Rational mind in disdain