Surrender to Oneness

Perfection is all;
It is the shadows and the light
The day and the night
The silence and the noise
That asks us, to look inside
Build our sanctuary, inner peace 
Eye at the centre of the storm
Find stillness in the chaos
Integrating, without judgment
All viewpoints, without separation;
For to choose, one side of the illusion
Is simply to perpetuate 
A forever divisive, polarity
That will have your mind, running in circles
Eternally, to the end of time
So please know, through all this madness
There’s a void in the heart
That transcends the good and bad
An emptiness awaits
For your sweet surrender;
It’s not a curse, but a blessing
It’s the blank canvas, for creation 
To start afresh, with the wild colours
Of a life beyond
The black and the white 

Illusions on the Healing Path

There's not always, "more work to do"...

for there is a point
when our healing path
permits us to be healed...

          a shift in our perception
an irreversible realisation

allowing a break from the illusion -

      stop chasing after tears
in the name of releasing fears
excuses to invite in pain
when the

have already been here,
cleansing us since the dawn of time
washing us,
with the sublime

of eternal force
guiding us
through Heaven's

      Yes, the future has already been
and the past is unseen
memories, coalesce
in the recollection
of an immortal

* * *

Is your healing journey, clouded by illusion? Are you looking for excuses to keep on inviting in the cyclic pain and torment of generations? Or are you truly committed, to finding the way, back Home? To finally letting go, releasing, and living… free.

I’ve witnessed lately what may be described as a kind of addiction to chasing suffering and pain, in the name of it being necessary for our “healing journey”.

“We must feel! We must feel it all…” going back to our ancestors, going back through lifetimes.

I believe in allowing ourselves to feel instead of bottling things down; and that process of allowing may mean we are confronted by once-suppressed emotional blockages and traumas within us, coming to the surface, in order to be released at last.

The question then is – when those feelings come up, do we perpetuate the stories behind those feelings? Do we cling on to the “meaning behind them”: in turn chasing, searching, for more “darkness” to be transmuted?

That’s not real healing. That’s not leading to freedom from the dramas… That’s just inviting in new drama, and creating more stories.

Equally, if we are in relationships or situations that are repeatedly re-triggering old wounds, constricting us, and restraining us from growth, do we really need to stay? We cannot force the healing or the behaviour of others. We cannot, nor should we try try to, control the rhythm of another’s music, if they’re choosing to play out of tune with us (after we’ve consciously, and respectfully, communicated our needs and desires). It’s not always meant to be.

Let it go. Let them go. The reason behind the feeling, doesn’t always matter. If we don’t feel good, we don’t have to stay.

And in the end, what really matters, is how deeply we can surrender into the eternal presence of now: how do we practice the dance of Life, within the present moment?

The present is all we ever have.

Many blessings on your healing path.

With love,


Plea to the Powerful

You could fire arrows
with your mind
to pierce the heart
of any child
no matter how far
or how
they’d try
to hide:
	little quivering
	trembling beneath the
of your

You could strike
a pounding anvil
to mould, to 
	any soul
from here to
with just one look
of those eyes
I’ve seen
of every crumbling

The malignant

	of your 
is prising apart
memory of
	infusing it
with the gangrenous
of sickly

And so I
for my sake
and for yours
for the love
of any god
for the child
	you may never
for the 
insect burnt by the
for the bird
smashed to
by the glassy windows
of your

for the dying
within my own 
	that may never be
but may
	one day
a spirit free
on wings of love

if only you’d believe
if only you’d harness
the destructive power
	of your distorted

that is Yours
Yours alone.

	Don’t keep making
washed-out, pitiful
that only rip you
		from your

Do it selflessly
or do it selfishly.

Does it matter?

I do know.

I don’t know.

I just want. 
The War.
To End.

A provocative poem intended to make us reflect on how we use power…

Knowing that we are all incredibly powerful, whether we have consciously realised that power or not. And so, we need to learn to wield that power, to be the change we want to see.

The time has come to step into our Power. Claim it now. Claim responsibility for our lives…

Sailing into our Souls

“I’ll look deep into, those muddy brown waters, and yet- see clearer, right through, than many times before;

For I feel, an honest brilliance, emanating from the depths, of those gateways, into your Soul…

Your eyes, like polished windows, the veil lifted, inviting me to look within; there’s no secrets here, nor twisted lies

You’ve scrubbed away, the dirt concealing the gem, years and years working for those precious stones, to gleam again…

Free, of those false teachings, that tainted your spirit, like blotches of paint, scattered carelessly from an amateur’s brush;

Now peeling off, as I glimpse, that clue into, your truth…

And I know that healing cannot be rushed-
but once this threshold is crossed, the sailing becomes smoother

For with some baggage overboard, there’s more space upon the boat… for another to join, and help with the steering.”

~ Calypso

When we start to release the false layers that block us from showing our truth, our vulnerability… we’ll find more easily, connection with others, the right kind of people, ready to walk a path of healing by our side.

And together, we stand stronger, with Love ♥️

I wish you a magical weekend and invite you to think – how can I be more authentic today?

How can I be more truthful to myself, and show others my truth? When we are our authentic, real, vulnerable selves, when we open ourselves, we invite others to do the same, and from there we can connect more truthfully, building real relationships.

Love and blessings on your path, Cara

Eclipsing Separation

An affirmation for Integration and Wholeness, Unity within the Self that we may unify with all that we now perceive as external, and voyage beyond concepts of separation…

I am, the power of Love coursing through my veins
I am, the power of Shadows and Light unifying

And through the deep tunnels 
of my heart’s corridors,
hidden secrets for too long suppressed —

I will journey, 
my steps in tune
with Gaia’s rhythm
guiding me on

Integrating lessons
of the Day and the Night
‘till between worlds
I’ll come to rest 

My Soul
eclipsing beyond all

* * *

I have been incorporating more affirmations into my morning practice (which includes stretching, meditation, and prayer) in these days. Affirmations can be powerful tools to bring about shifts in our mindset and state of being.

However, what is important is that we truly believe the words that we are saying. As a shaman I am currently being mentored by says, it is always the intention behind our words that count. If we don’t truly believe what we’re saying, we’re not tapping into the energy that is going to bring about the shift we desire.

For this reason, I am discovering that I prefer to create my own affirmations, rather than follow another person’s suggestion. I do this by first dropping deep into meditation, clearing my mind and connecting with my heart, and from that place, I tap into my creative energy, in turn allowing affirmative words to flow through me.

In this way, I find I can access my inner wisdom and knowing that goes beyond any limited beliefs I’m holding onto or constraining programmes in my mind. I also find that my higher consciousness provides me with exactly what I need in that given moment – which may not be what I thought I needed, had I got caught up in logical thinking.

I invite you to try tapping into that creative energy in your heart, and see what you may discover…

We are all our own teacher, we just need to learn how to access our inner knowing. If you’d like any support on your journey, please do get in touch.

Wish you much love, and many blessings, on your path.

The Void

Held, in Her tender arms
Allow yourself, to slowly unravel
Spirit swirling 
With the gossamer breeze
That carries whispers 
Of melting desire
Of birthing dreams
Luminous visions
In starry skies
Where Light found a purpose
Dancing with the Night 
And so releasing our fears 
We surrender
Falling deep into
The sanctuary of
the Void 

When we allow ourselves to just Be, sitting with non-judgmental Emptiness, we create the space for seeds to grow, birthing from a place beyond the limits of our mind, with the blazing force of Stars, to shine with power beyond our mortal comprehension.

We can spend so much time in our lives hurrying around, in a rush, filling our days with things to “do”, without giving ourselves the opportunity to simply be, feel, and perhaps even reflect on what it is that we want to be doing in the first place. By this, I mean reflecting from a deeper place that goes beyond mental constrictions and social conditioning – a place of centre in the body and feeling in the heart, a heart in touch with its true purpose, which has magic to share and spread in the world.

Let go. Surrender. Release. Renew. Be gentle and soft on yourself and allow the Earth to hold you, as you tune into the true power of the Universe that resides within your Soul.

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday.

Hymn to the Moon

there’s a truth that binds us, through ancient song

there’s a wisdom that warms us, keeping us strong…

A song of mine written in January 2020, and an invitation to get in touch with our raw inner wild side, and explore what it means to be woman (or man), and how we relate to one another.

I will love to know what feelings this evokes or inspires in you… I’ve been reconnecting with a lot of my older music lately, and in particular sensual and tribal songs, as I dive deeper into work on my new book about love, sex, and spirit.

I hope you enjoy and have a beautiful closing to your weekend.

Pilgrimage Home

Good morning my dear readers. I have been taking a little break from posting and sharing much publicly in these last weeks, as I’ve been focussing on my journey (both inner and outer) of leaving Europe and returning to my home in Costa Rica. I am taking the time to water and nourish the seedlings of some of my projects and a new book that I am writing, as well as reconnect with the energy of the beautiful land out here and the wisdom of Nature. She is my greatest teacher and guide, and I feel so nourished and held by spending time in her arms.

When we breathe in deeply, savouring the sweet taste of the air… when we walk barefoot on the moist soil, that squelches between our toes… when we dance beneath the cleansing rain… we invite ourselves to drop into and connect with something greater, beyond our mere mortal selves. It is blissful, heart-opening, awakening and empowering, to tune into the life-force of this interconnected, interdependent, ecosystem here on earth.

This morning I woke up, energised and rejuvenated even further, after also connecting with old and new friends in the community in my area, at an “ecstatic dance” last night. A sober gathering of beautiful souls, expressing freely and sharing through movement, sound, and prayer.

We have been blessed out here to enjoy much more freedom in comparison with many parts of the world, during this pandemic. However, this last week, some new restrictions have been announced, challenging deeper reflection into what it is that we stand for, what it is we believe in, and what kind of a world we wish to live in and create. This song came to me this morning, as I reflect on these topics, and how I can drop deeper into my heart and into love, even in the face of adversity,

And so I say a prayer for freedom, and a prayer for unity…

Wishing you a peaceful ending to your weekend, sending lots of love and blessings.

For some of my more spontaneous and short poetry bursts, I am now also using Instagram @songsofgaia

Here I Am…

Here I am, just as I am
With all that I am
This Human form:
Imperfections of my body
And shadows within my heart
That I’m learning
Slowly learning
To hold, with peace and 
Love —

And so I reveal to you
The fiery innocence of my
The girl, beneath the woman
The child that wants to play
Through time, and space
And rewriting all the
Old stories
To start afresh, here today
In the gentle sanctuary of 
Your arms 

Wishing you a gentle, nourishing, and love-filled Sunday.

Nothing But This Moment

all the stories, don’t really matter: all the questions, without an answer

for the past dissolves, into the present: and our dreams, are already here…

I hope you enjoy this meditative love song about presence, and appreciating the here and the now.

Close your eyes. Place a hand on your heart. Take some deep breaths and allow your body to surrender into this moment. A moment you have totally and fully, for yourself. You are held and supported by the earth. You are loved, and caressed by the breeze. You are blessed by this great gift of life. And you can find all, all that you need, within your own heart.

Wishing you a beautiful day.