Through the Shadowlands

the shadows will stay to haunt us… until we confront them

and let’s confront them with Love

This week I’ve been having many challenging conversations, since I started to voice my opinions publicly on global events and what I perceive has been happening in the world.

I’ve had abusive private messages launched at me, for my opinions. I’ve also had friends and strangers alike reach out to me, warmly and lovingly, even where we’ve diverged on views.

All of these conversations have strengthened me and taught me how to drop deeper and deeper into my heart, and how to practice compassionate communication despite sometimes feeling very charged emotions.

We are all human – it is perfectly okay to feel anger, fear, hurt… What I do, when I feel these emotions, is to come back to myself – instead of reacting and projecting those feelings onto the person I’m talking to. Lashing out at other people, and blaming other people for our emotions, simply perpetuates cycles of trauma and negativity.

If I feel a strong reaction, I take some deep breaths and turn inward. When I feel anger, I ask myself, what lies beneath it? Normally I can find a fear, and when I dig deep and examine that fear, I find it’s antithesis: love. I use a variety of tools to process strong emotional triggers: including music, writing, and various somatic techniques to release stress and tension stored in my body.

Challenging times call for deep, heart-based communication, for us to drop deeper into love as we confront all we think we perceive as darkness and instead move towards integration, unity, and transcendence of polarities.

With open arms, embracing all. Not running, not hiding, not staying silent: but sharing kindly, compassionately, authentically, to work together towards our underlying common desires.

We exist here on this earth as part of a complex and interdependent ecosystem, and the health of that ecosystem calls for each of us taking the individual responsibility for our puzzle piece, and learning how we work together with the other puzzle pieces. In these challenging times, let’s unite across the world, with love and compassion and magic.

Sending you my love and blessings.

Thank you to Jose for the beautiful photo of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (if you’re interested in his graphic designs, see on IG; or for SUP nature tours of this magical land @cote_sup_safari). You can also find me on IG now @songsofgaia for more of my poetry and sharing.

Heart of Gaia

close your eyes, breathe in deep, and notice the sweetness of Nature’s song…

the inspiration and the love that She provides

A spider dances down,

and along

an impossible web –

            I cannot see

the end or the 

beginning, nor the woven

thread, of the


                        only discreet

points beneath his

tumbling feet, glinting in

the sacred sun, of my prayers

for a dawn

light after the night

            answered by, this golden




And the turquoise sea

is lapping gently, waves

on the 

shore of my 

            unfurling memory

secrets, secreted up

from the molten core

Gaia’s heart

bursting, burning 

rising, to whisper

guidance, guiding

us back

to Love.

Wishing you a beautiful start to your weekend, and sending you love in these challenging times, love to outshine fear.

Collapse of Commerce

when we truly give, without expectation, we harness a power, of unconditional love, that comes from an infinite source beyond our physical world…

I’m developing a dream

for how to go

beyond commerce

	and those structures of exchange

systems of capitalism
the ones that rely
on bilateral ties

	“What do I have to give you for that?”


a pandemic of


(what did you think I’d say?)

	You see I envision

a great system of giving

	for there’s a special quality
that comes when we give

truly, deeply

without expectation

	we harness a power
of unconditional love
channelling, from 
an infinite source
a place that goes
to eternity
providing, endlessly

to match every need.

And remember

the Universe may give to us
in unexpected forms

from unexpected places
different directions as
we co-exist in a great

interwoven web of 


that’s the beauty

for instead of being co-dependent

on binary transactions
lateral exchanges
two-dimensional existence

we tap into
a multi-dimensional
where we all contribute to
and are a part of
something greater…

like a great living


a self-repairing

to resolve

any holes
sending strength
to the blooming

blooms of each


	Well, that’s the dream.

		Still, it’s taking me some time

it’s taking some trust
a lot of re-evaluation
as I question
	is this possible?

		or will my naivety
	be the financial ruin

of me.

	Yet, the only way to get out of 

the system

is to inspire enough
to make that system 

it will collapse

on it’s own

when it’s no longer


And so, how much, I want to ask

and hope that you’ll answer

how much do you need
to settle all your debts?

all that
and more

	so that you can be free

free from it all

	so you can have the time

time to follow your heart

	so that you can make a choice

if you want

to give

without motivation
for what you might get

in return

	trusting simply
in the ebb and flow
the adjustment of wealth

tangible and intangible


		as Universal law

takes over
and we ride the waves

of this


If you resonate with my mission, I invite you to spread this energy in whatever way you are able to and feel called. Remember also that a gift doesn’t have to be monetary.

I am also open to receive donations through PayPal (, or through the button below, to support me financially with my projects and in particular establishing the healing sanctuary that I am envisaging in Costa Rica.

Wishing you a beautiful closing of your weekend.

Through the Eyes of a Psychic

I invite you in, through the lens, of my


	my eyes, leaking tears, shed like
watercolour-paint-blotches upon

my cheeks,

and skin, crinkled with 

the weight of age
and all I’ve seen
through lifetimes.

Think again, I’ll ask before

you come in: just a warning, for

I wonder how
you might cope

to observe, first hand

how your ancestors enslaved me

and burned me at the

Centuries have passed, yet still I wear

the scars upon
the flesh of my rebirthed spirit

like tattoos they bloom
covering my womb

like a protection against the curse 

of the distorted masculine;
	all those years, humanity
wrapped up in struggle 
for power and conquest 
of all beauty on this Earth.

I know you are different, deep down I know

and yet, the fears still plague me
from time to time
and so forgive me, if I melt

like a dissolving wax statue
beneath the intensity of your gaze
losing my core.

For I am tired
		tired of all, those
labelled as a 
just because I saw
I knew, I know
how to look beyond the veil
to tell the future from the stars
and call upon the magic

of the skies.

Dare, dare to look –
	you said that you wanted.

But remember, remember
how Adam and Eve
fell from their bliss

in the Garden of Eden
	because of their thirst
for the sweet flesh of knowledge
that they didn’t know how

to wield with their hands

and so they lost their way
their vision, blurred


	the sight of the Light

and the memories of the Night

all too much

for their eyes
to bear.


Contemplating the meaning of freedom as I continue my quarantine here in Italy…

nobody can take away the inner freedom of your soul

Wishing you a beautiful and bliss-filled Saturday.

If you would like any support finding your inner freedom, bliss, motivation, or support to create the healthy lifestyle you desire, contact me at for my mentoring offerings.

Beyond the Physical [a poem] — PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

By Cara Amy Goldthorpe | Featured Contributor

we have transcended the time… of material wealth…

Beyond the Physical [a poem] — PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

Thank you to PhoebeMD for continuing to publish my work!

Nothing that I have 
feels like it is mine 
because we have 
transcended the 
time, of material 
attachment to 
possessions, and 
things – 

they all will come 
and go 
with the ebb 
and flow 
of the Moon’s sweet 
and we will learn 
to let go 
of control; in 
surrender to 

karmic cycles 
in ascended glory, where 
galactic forces 
provide more 
than we can begin to 
for so long, our 
has been masked, 
by the illusions 
of the matrix 
but that glass prison 
of prisms 
is fracturing at 
the multi-dimensional 
and eternity is 
into the here and 
the now 

of all we will 
even dream we 


Starting the morning with a gratitude practice, where you give thanks for the things you value and have in your life, is a great way to place your mind in a positive frame for the rest of the day.

Have a beautiful Saturday.

Grateful as always for any support and sharing the good vibes around the world.

Inner Guide

the greatest teachers are the ones who help us to find the teachers within ourselves…

You showed me the way
to look deep within myself
to find the child inside
lost without a home
yearning to be held
in tender loving arms
and you taught me how to hold
that child for myself
to nurture that sweet seed
bursting, ready to grow
into a fierce wild tree
with great, flowering boughs
bearing the fruits of hope
of a promised land, above
the promised land I desire
that I create
for myself

And please, never forget.

You are in control. This is your life.

You can choose how you live it.

Just listen to the voice inside.

You got this.

Visions from Beyond

There are days, that I wake
and I cannot "see"
my eyes, bleeding
clouded by fears
as down my cheeks
tears are streaming
from the echos of 
ancient pain
suffering I chose
through bitter cycles
now the time is here
today, now
to cleanse the path
to walk a new way
and see
with a richness
from beyond

The journey of holistically healing my vision, through clearing emotional blockages and releasing childhood trauma and ancestral wounds, has been and continues to be one of the most profound journeys I’ve been on. It’s now been nearly 4 months since I stopped wearing my prescription glasses for most tasks, and 3 months since I stopped wearing them completely.

My vision is improving, but it is a fluctuating journey, and often my world shifts and changes around me. I still struggle to read words in the distance, yet the other day when hiking I spotted a tiny butterfly with transparent wings, amidst a vast green jungle expanse. When I’m swimming in the ocean, I experience moments of crystal clear clarity, like I can see every single atom in my environment, vibrating. I find that I see everything I need to see, and I am learning to feel patience and be content with my eyes just as they are. A question I’m often asked is “don’t you ever get headaches?” The answer is no. My eyes feel better than they’ve ever felt before, and I don’t experience tension in my head (or face for that matter). In fact, whereas I used to have terrible sinus trouble when flying in a plane (due to changes in air pressure), I now have no issue whatsoever – a fact I’ve recently discovered, flying tiny domestic aircraft in Costa Rica.

sometimes what we feel physically is just a symptom of something that goes far deeper, that requires us to examine ourselves and to take care of our soul

The biggest motivation for me to keep going on this path, even on the days when I’m having some practical difficulty reading or using my computer, is that I feel my awareness expanding: the depth to my sight going beyond my superficial physical world. I feel more connected, sensually, with the environment around me; and I feel more sensitive and perceptive of energy, subtle vibrations or motions in my field. I often feel a bird is about to fly overhead, before it appears in my physical vision.

I realise we are capable of seeing and experiencing so much beyond the physical, and also how interconnected the mind, body, and soul is. Taking care of these different aspects of ourselves can have profound knock-on consequences for our health, beyond what we imagine. More than ever, I appreciate the power of emotional and spiritual healing and how this impacts our physical body. And that’s my message: sometimes what we feel physically, is just a symptom of something that goes far far deeper, that requires us to examine ourselves and to take care of and nourish our soul. It’s time to stop using superficial bandaids, and to embrace deeper healing, for our own wellbeing and the health of all our relations.

This photo is from my relaxing self-care ritual combined with painful healing ritual: blue clay face mask, and stinging mariola honey drops in my eyes. The pain often brings up different emotions and feelings buried deep within me, to the surface, for me to process and release: and emerge feeling more whole, and at peace, with myself.

Wishing you a beautiful day, and clarity on your path.

Rising after the Night

Let success be measured, not by how quick you arrive at your destination, not how few times you fell down… but by how you pick yourself up and keep on going, even when faced with adversity, even when the road is tough, by your perseverance and willingness to learn from the teachings of your Life’s journey.

Success is all about how you rise, after the night.