Illusions on the Healing Path

There's not always, "more work to do"...

for there is a point
when our healing path
permits us to be healed...

          a shift in our perception
an irreversible realisation

allowing a break from the illusion -

      stop chasing after tears
in the name of releasing fears
excuses to invite in pain
when the

have already been here,
cleansing us since the dawn of time
washing us,
with the sublime

of eternal force
guiding us
through Heaven's

      Yes, the future has already been
and the past is unseen
memories, coalesce
in the recollection
of an immortal

* * *

Is your healing journey, clouded by illusion? Are you looking for excuses to keep on inviting in the cyclic pain and torment of generations? Or are you truly committed, to finding the way, back Home? To finally letting go, releasing, and living… free.

I’ve witnessed lately what may be described as a kind of addiction to chasing suffering and pain, in the name of it being necessary for our “healing journey”.

“We must feel! We must feel it all…” going back to our ancestors, going back through lifetimes.

I believe in allowing ourselves to feel instead of bottling things down; and that process of allowing may mean we are confronted by once-suppressed emotional blockages and traumas within us, coming to the surface, in order to be released at last.

The question then is – when those feelings come up, do we perpetuate the stories behind those feelings? Do we cling on to the “meaning behind them”: in turn chasing, searching, for more “darkness” to be transmuted?

That’s not real healing. That’s not leading to freedom from the dramas… That’s just inviting in new drama, and creating more stories.

Equally, if we are in relationships or situations that are repeatedly re-triggering old wounds, constricting us, and restraining us from growth, do we really need to stay? We cannot force the healing or the behaviour of others. We cannot, nor should we try try to, control the rhythm of another’s music, if they’re choosing to play out of tune with us (after we’ve consciously, and respectfully, communicated our needs and desires). It’s not always meant to be.

Let it go. Let them go. The reason behind the feeling, doesn’t always matter. If we don’t feel good, we don’t have to stay.

And in the end, what really matters, is how deeply we can surrender into the eternal presence of now: how do we practice the dance of Life, within the present moment?

The present is all we ever have.

Many blessings on your healing path.

With love,


Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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