Song of the Shifting Season

Sage song of the flat lands
capturing the power, of an
ancient hand
upon the womb of dreams
from the all-seeing eye
that translates the knowing
of the stars on high
and activates the yearning
within every waking heart
to connect with the learnings
that will bring man back to love
and remember the divine
truth of the earth
in the rhythm of the soils
from which all life is birthed

even as the wintertime
descends like the night
memories of the wild
sound clear and bright
in moments of reflection
and quiet introspection
lessons do reveal
from the frosty dark
and thus guiding the way
through the weary cold
till wonders sprout again
come the sunny spring
till then let us dwell
in the caverns of our hearts
and finding peace we rest
beneath a shifting season’s spell

As the season shifts from summer to winter, remember the beauty in all things. The changing natural cycle: just a part of life. Colder months, inviting the opportunity for more introspection and reflection, before we emerge into the more extrovert energy of warm sunny months again.

When we allow ourselves to flow with the seasons and connect to the natural rhythms of the earth, we can harness their power. Using the energy to support us and our personal growth, as opposed to fighting against them and wishing for something other than the blessing of the present moment. Each season has its own energy and even in the cold and the dark, there are gifts from nature to be received. Lessons and teachings, and messages for our journey through life.

Next Sunday I will be hosting a ceremonial cacao journey “Sunset on the Dark Heart”. Harnessing the energies of this week’s new moon, and the shifting season, we will dive deep into an exploration of our subconscious landscape to receive clarity on how we can spend the winter hibernation months best preparing for the “seeds” to be planted in the springtime. Whether those seeds be personal or professional goals, we can work on clearing any fears and blockages that may otherwise inhibit our future blooming.

If you cannot attend in person and are interested to receive the guided meditation/visualisation journey after the ceremony, please reach out! Offerings received will support the Roots community project.

Have a cosy Sunday,

~ Cara 🌒

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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