Child of Light

Open that door, into the realms of the heart: where lays a clue, in the Light of the Child, ready to emerge from the Night…

I hope you enjoy the soft sounds of this musical poetic meditation: close your eyes, breathe in deep, and surrender to a journey down the corridors of your heart, to find the child of light inside. I am grateful to Nicole Treadaway for this beautiful co-creation with her channelled sounds and graceful playing of the monochord; and to Gianni of Indigena Cafe for providing this magical space for me to share my stories and poetry.

I wish you a beautiful weekend and I send my support in always finding calm, peace, and love, no matter what is swirling around: to be the still point in the centre of the storm.

With love,


Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Entrepreneur, earth warrior, storyteller and lawyer, with a mission to promote ways of living more harmoniously with nature and with each other.

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