From my heart to yours…

sending holiday blessings
through the waves of life, whispering
its wisdom deep
through the dark and the light
the day and the night
together we journey
one step and another
together we rise
dancing, flying
and warmed by the brightness
within our blazing hearts
we remember the love
that forever holds us true
united, as one spirit
never apart

I am wishing all my readers a wonderful, peaceful, and loving holiday season. Stay healthy, cherish your family, and don’t forget to nourish and nurture yourselves too.

I often notice this season to be one of intense polarities – a time of much joy and celebration, that can be accompanied by grief and sadness too. Of missing a loved one, of feelings of distance and separation, perhaps undercurrents of tension when family relationships aren’t the way we’d like them to be. Or perhaps it is financial pressures that are felt more strongly – contrasted with the energy of giving, and the beauty that comes with sharing and receiving gifts.

I’m noticing the intensity of polarities all the more, here in the deep Saskatchewan winter and the frigid cold where below minus 20 is common, and some days the wind blows too intensely to last more than a few minutes outdoors. The weather forces more inward feelings of hibernation and retreat, grappling against the pull of social activities and gatherings. I am an introvert kind of person anyway, content with long periods of stillness and solitude in nature – and, taking that time for myself is in fact what rejuvenates and recharges me, so that I can be my best self when I am spending time with others. For those who might get socially anxious – remember that it’s ok to take time out for you during this busy social time, to replenish your own batteries, and do what makes you feel good – whatever that may be. Perhaps a nourishing epsom salt bath, a stroll in nature, or getting cosy with a favourite book and herbal tea.

I also want to give a little reminder – no matter what you feel, no matter where you’re at – to embrace all facets of life. Acceptance with open arms of the way things are, knowing that darkness makes us appreciate the light. For those in the northern hemisphere, with the passing of the Winter Solstice and a shift to longer days at last, this is also a time of turning our faces towards the sun and inviting in the springtime that, before long, shall come.

The other morning, I remember catching a glimpse of a sundog through the frosty window panes – a phenomenon I’ve recently learned about since coming to Saskatchewan. It occurs when it’s so cold (usually below -20), and the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow creates the illusions of two smaller suns framing the actual sun, all enrobed in a beautiful dazzling rainbow. Although I was indoors, that bright penetrating light struck a place deep within my heart, and was a potent reminder of the beauty and warmth we may find even in the most unexpected of places. I hadn’t felt the sun’s kiss in days upon my flesh. But here was a sight that lit me within and fanned the spark of delight, at the mysteries of this universe and the miracle of life here on earth.

* * *

Lastly for this post, I want to thank all of you who have supported my creative work over the year. This December has been a month of seeing many projects birthed, coming into fruition. My debut novel “Siege” is now published and available from all major online retailers (coming soon to select stores in Regina, SK in the new year).

My husband Alex Flett has also released his new single “Catchin’ on to life in Saskatchewan” from his upcoming 2023 album – available on Bandcamp (if you’d like to support his work by purchasing the track) and on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. It is an upbeat song and all instruments are played by him at the same time in “one man band” style – a song sure to uplift and bring joy.

I also have a new single now available on Bandcamp – The Alchemist. This song came to me the day I later met Alex (who has since added to the musical composition and lyrics). It is a song about alchemy and staying true to our paths even in the darkest hour – turning every situation around, and emerging into the light. It was written during a difficult moment in my life, and soon after I left behind that period of struggle as I shifted my mindset and found peace in the storms. I hope you enjoy!

Much love and blessings to all, and see you in the New Year


Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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