Held From Above (and Within)

The more we learn how to find wholeness within ourselves, and the more we learn how to hold ourselves, the more we will feel held, loved, and supported… for there is a Universe within our hearts, and through our hearts we may connect to the eternal and the immortal, undying energy of the force that created existence itself…

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and I leave you with a clip of a performance of my love song “Held From Above” – about connection to deep, eternal love, that transcends the physical, and is beyond the transient ebb and flow of all that is temporary in this human existence.

One of my mantras these days is that: we don’t fall in love, or out of love. Rather, love is a state of being, a state of living, and seeing the world. When we embody love, we will feel love, the love that is all around, in its pure and eternal form.

The more integrated and whole we become within ourselves, the more we may embody that state of “BEing” love. And so, below I share a poetic prayer for the Integration of the Soul: for the rebirthing of Inner and Outer Worlds.

For those interested, I also channel personalised guided meditations & prayers to support you on your individual healing journey.

Embrace the energies of the Child,
pure and sweet 
loving innocence of play 
to welcome the dawning of the day 
with that fierce remembrance 
of who we are — not just who
we are here to become —
but all we are and shall ever become
encompassed by the
immortal present.

Embrace the energies of the Mother
gentle but firm
She who knows, a special kind of Love —
the love of self-sacrifice 
her own body a vessel for birth
with all the pains of such a process.
For beloveds, we are preparing to birth 
a new world.
And we must give ourselves,
in devotional opening
that the divine may 
channel through. 

Embrace the energies of the Father,
protective and wise 
for as we welcome in this new creation 
we must guard against 
those old-world illusions;
we must nourish those sacred seeds
free from influence;
we must build the sanctuary,
fortress walls not just outer
but inner —

the vulnerable internal world
that must adhere to discipline and
to prevent the manifestation 
of egotistical sickness
that would just re-introduce 
humanity’s plagues, in
more evolved and resilient forms.

Plunge deeper into the Work.
Question everything.
Believe nothing.

The chains shackling our minds are falling away, and as they do, it is our job to connect ever deeper with the unconditional love of the Heart, that our minds may be reconstituted, Whole, and ready to accept and to comprehend the radiant waves of bliss.

That are coming.
If we make the choice; to give, that we may receive.

With Love
~ Cara

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Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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  1. Shout out to YOU Cara! You’re leading the way for the spiritual revolution of the planet earth 🌍 🙏

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