Pilgrimage Home

Good morning my dear readers. I have been taking a little break from posting and sharing much publicly in these last weeks, as I’ve been focussing on my journey (both inner and outer) of leaving Europe and returning to my home in Costa Rica. I am taking the time to water and nourish the seedlings of some of my projects and a new book that I am writing, as well as reconnect with the energy of the beautiful land out here and the wisdom of Nature. She is my greatest teacher and guide, and I feel so nourished and held by spending time in her arms.

When we breathe in deeply, savouring the sweet taste of the air… when we walk barefoot on the moist soil, that squelches between our toes… when we dance beneath the cleansing rain… we invite ourselves to drop into and connect with something greater, beyond our mere mortal selves. It is blissful, heart-opening, awakening and empowering, to tune into the life-force of this interconnected, interdependent, ecosystem here on earth.

This morning I woke up, energised and rejuvenated even further, after also connecting with old and new friends in the community in my area, at an “ecstatic dance” last night. A sober gathering of beautiful souls, expressing freely and sharing through movement, sound, and prayer.

We have been blessed out here to enjoy much more freedom in comparison with many parts of the world, during this pandemic. However, this last week, some new restrictions have been announced, challenging deeper reflection into what it is that we stand for, what it is we believe in, and what kind of a world we wish to live in and create. This song came to me this morning, as I reflect on these topics, and how I can drop deeper into my heart and into love, even in the face of adversity,

And so I say a prayer for freedom, and a prayer for unity…

Wishing you a peaceful ending to your weekend, sending lots of love and blessings.

For some of my more spontaneous and short poetry bursts, I am now also using Instagram @songsofgaia

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