Where Parallel Lines Converge

when you open to possibilities…

possibilities open to you…

Facebook does that thing, where it gives you a memory: a little reminder of where you were and what you posted, however many years ago. And today, it reminded me of a post from 5 years ago, of my LLB undergraduate dissertations, a photo I'd uploaded just before handing them in...

One year later, some 4 years ago, and a few days before I was supposed to sit (and did sit) one of my Bar exams, I'd be in hospital with a bunch of needles in my arm.

Fast-forward to last year: I would've been preparing for a trial, if it hadn't been for the fact I'd been unexpectedly locked down in Costa Rica and, in any event, due to Covid, the trial dates had been postponed.

Last night, I played at what may be the last open-mic for a while, as some new restrictions in Costa Rica come into force. I met with a few friends who will leave town soon (I will miss them!), and then we went to frolic in the ocean underneath the full moon, before the 30 minute midnight hike back to my little jungle home. The moon was so bright, a flashlight was not necessary. And I haven't put on my glasses for any task, even computing which I originally (and still sometimes do) struggle with, in over three weeks now, as I continue to heal my vision naturally. It's an ongoing journey with many ups and downs.

In some ways, circumstance forced me on a new path in life.

In other ways, it was and is very much a choice.

Every day we have a choice...
a choice to view the glass half empty, or half full
a choice to view roadblocks as opportunities to grow
a choice to think outside the box, and believe that any dream can come true
a choice to wake and watch the sun rise, and be grateful for simple beauties
a choice to nourish our bodies, our hearts, and our minds
a choice to give ourselves love, to do the things that, deep down, make us feel good and make us feel alive
a choice to communicate with love, instead of anger, frustration, fear
a choice to live, as the best version of ourselves
a choice to breathe deep
a choice to rise
a choice to shine

Sending love x

Always grateful for any support

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Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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