Eclipsing Separation

An affirmation for Integration and Wholeness, Unity within the Self that we may unify with all that we now perceive as external, and voyage beyond concepts of separation…

I am, the power of Love coursing through my veins
I am, the power of Shadows and Light unifying

And through the deep tunnels 
of my heart’s corridors,
hidden secrets for too long suppressed —

I will journey, 
my steps in tune
with Gaia’s rhythm
guiding me on

Integrating lessons
of the Day and the Night
‘till between worlds
I’ll come to rest 

My Soul
eclipsing beyond all

* * *

I have been incorporating more affirmations into my morning practice (which includes stretching, meditation, and prayer) in these days. Affirmations can be powerful tools to bring about shifts in our mindset and state of being.

However, what is important is that we truly believe the words that we are saying. As a shaman I am currently being mentored by says, it is always the intention behind our words that count. If we don’t truly believe what we’re saying, we’re not tapping into the energy that is going to bring about the shift we desire.

For this reason, I am discovering that I prefer to create my own affirmations, rather than follow another person’s suggestion. I do this by first dropping deep into meditation, clearing my mind and connecting with my heart, and from that place, I tap into my creative energy, in turn allowing affirmative words to flow through me.

In this way, I find I can access my inner wisdom and knowing that goes beyond any limited beliefs I’m holding onto or constraining programmes in my mind. I also find that my higher consciousness provides me with exactly what I need in that given moment – which may not be what I thought I needed, had I got caught up in logical thinking.

I invite you to try tapping into that creative energy in your heart, and see what you may discover…

We are all our own teacher, we just need to learn how to access our inner knowing. If you’d like any support on your journey, please do get in touch.

Wish you much love, and many blessings, on your path.

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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