Onward Bound

I pack my things,
to close this chapter;
a door on all, 
I left behind.
The nights I tossed
in this bed
as I witnessed my death,
over and over;
felt the vicious pain
of a wounded mother,
a sick child, 
and a lost father.
But I took that hurt,
I whispered it love
and learnt to look
the darkness in the eye.
I did not shy
away from those lessons
my guides had sent
to spur me on this road.
And I'll face it now
with a strength and light
I'll raise my gaze
to the boundless sky.
I'll call those stars
right down to earth;
and I'll open my heart
so they may show
the way

* * *

The road ahead is long, and the future uncertain; but each step I’ll take, knowing I’m precisely where I’m meant to be…

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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