Inner child

“I listen to my inner child, yeh the girl within she knows, who I am and what I want; I’ll follow her until the end…”

When we reconnect with the child inside us, with the spirit that is untainted and unconstrained by the prison shackles of society, we can discover afresh the wonder of life; the key to freedom, and the secret to eternal youth.

Be playful. Spend five minutes gazing at the most mundane object you can find in your house, and try to nevertheless find something about it to marvel at. Laugh for no reason, force it until you are bubbling with happiness and joy.

Because you are alive. And that alone is worth celebrating.

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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