Blood Stains on Paradise Shores

Oh how it pains me to see these marks; like the ocean, is bleeding…

Signs of the red tide, the toxic algal bloom that’s being worsened in frequency and intensity, by human pollution.

How it pains my heart; that I want to run from the ocean that has always cleansed my soul, and indeed this spot which has been sacred to me since I arrived here — the turtle sanctuary in Montezuma, a special place for my spirit.

When I smell the rancid reek of the waters, like rotting fish; I want to turn away. To stay far from the shores. Perhaps because I’m ashamed? Of myself and humanity… that we are failing…

Perhaps when I’m far, I can avoid facing the truth.

Yet the truth we must face. And with open arms, and a loving spirit, embrace all: shedding our fears, shedding our judgments. Those negative feelings simply worsen the situation by perpetuating a sense of hopelessness and despair, that will paralyse us, and prevent or delay the healing process…

Intention is everything. With love we can heal. But to love, means that we must stop. To see, to witness her. We must actually face the problems, not hide away. To love is to see all. Not to selectively witness beauty, then turn our backs on the wounds. The pain and the suffering.

And we must take action before it’s too late.
Every little act makes a difference…

“Oh I believe we can find a way; and I trust I will see the day

when the waters flow clean again; story of our planet, we write the end…”

What food products are we buying? Are we supporting industries that use products toxic to our planet (and ultimately, toxic to us?)

If all of us make a change, we can shift the market…

What products are we flushing down our drains? Beauty products, body products, cleaning products.

How do such products make us or our homes “clean”, when this comes at the expense of the pure blue of Mother Earth’s waters, I ask?

Here is also a petition you can sign to support bringing matters of the Red Tide recently affecting Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, to the attention of the government. No matter where we are in the world… the pollution (and purification) of the planet’s waters affects us all.

And every prayer for Her counts, sending our Love, that the purity in our Hearts may support the purification of her waters.

I believe we can make a difference. We can heal our planet. The change starts today…

Thank you for your support.

~ Cara

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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