el Camino (the Path…)

In this week’s blog post, I’m very excited to announce the release of my latest single (and first song in Spanish), el Camino (which translates to the Path/Way).

This song is many things – it opens up Pandora’s box of stories to tell you. It started out as a break-up song – actually, the first verse (and chorus) came to me during a difficult time of heartache. However, it never felt like the words were about him. Rather, they were reminding me to connect with the love inside of me. To connect with my truth. To connect with my inner wholeness. And above all, to keep following my path, to keep my heart open, and keep loving.

The second and third versus came to me much later, after I met my now-husband Alex Flett (who is supporting me with the instrumentals, on lead guitar, harmonica and percussion, all at the same time).

Although the song literally comes across as a love song, it is much more than that. It is about perseverance, resilience, and making it through any obstacle life throws at us. It is about connecting to our inner fire, pursuing our dreams, and trusting in our mission. That with Love we will always make it through.

You can find the song on all streaming platforms, and also on my Bandcamp (link here), if you would like to purchase it to support my work. There, as well as below, I’ve written out an English translation of the lyrics.

Thank you to Alex Flett for backing me, Walter Jeworski for mixing and mastering, and Blue Door Studio where it was recorded.

I remember your touch
upon my body
like a silken web of dreams 
born, from the stars
it raises me up to the sky
where I meet 
my truth, revealed 
in the golden eyes
of a goddess 

~ Chorus ~

And so, I follow
the pathway of my soul
through the rains
I trust in my guides

I remember the way
you lit a fire 
in the depths of my heart,
illuminating the dark night
now, shadows and fears
are departing me
and in the magic of your presence
I will be liberated from my pains
a new day is dawning


I can’t see the future,
I don’t know where we’ll journey to
but I know that we are always united
through time, and through space
the physical doesn’t matter
when our spirits are flying 
and I can see in your eyes
a mirror of all my dreams
for a better world


I hope this song serves as a reminder to always keep on following your heart and soul – no matter what obstacles life may throw at you.

As it was released (this Friday), I was actually supposed to be flying back to re-join my husband in Canada, for our creative summer tour together. Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled due to strikes, and after weeks apart the news felt like a stab in the chest, as we yearn for reunion.

The silver lining to it all was being able to take an extra day of quiet relaxation after a manic week of packing my belongings and many hurried goodbyes. It was certainly not ideal, but I’d like to remind you that we always have the opportunity to shift our perspective and attitude, and adapt to our circumstances. We can get bogged down in the negatives, or we can accept them, find solutions where we can, and look for the bright side always.

I hope you enjoy your Friday, and have a wonderful start to your weekend.

With Love,


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