Moonlight spirit

Her hair was dark like a mystery
Endless as the ocean at night
And tinged like the silver wave tops
Sparkling fiercely in the moonlight

She came to me from lands afar
Riding the currents of the wind
She took my hands and squeezed them tight
Erasing the shame of my sins

Her eyes were shining, emerald green
Lit from within by a wild flame
Telling the story of their fire
A legacy that will not wane

Her lips were smooth as river stones
From which a flowing voice did rise
Golden and bright, thick like honey
Singing free of harsh disguise

As I listened I could feel her
Powerful as a summer storm
Filling my blood with soaring dreams
Until I was alive; reborn


Image: Ralph Albert Blakelock, Moonlight

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Entrepreneur, earth warrior, storyteller and lawyer, with a mission to promote ways of living harmoniously on this planet.

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