Hold my hand

Those moments that lift you up, after you’ve been torn down
Nurture your spirit, and erase your frown
Coming all of a sudden, a gift on the wind
Whispering softly, a song just for you

When you hold my hand, and never let it go
When you seize me strongly, and take me away


I gaze to the future, always dreaming for more
All these goals and ambitions, and things to be done
On my mind it plays, and fills with me worry
For life is too short, to ever find oneself


So hold my hand, and take me into the clouds
Show my heart where the light falls, and chase night away
As life races beneath, teach me how to forget pain
Forgive those who’ve wronged me, forgive my own sins

Then higher and higher, in the present I’ll soar
With childish wonder, and ecstatic joy
As I find new beginnings, on the endless roads
Weaving and turning, they’ll shape your soul

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Entrepreneur, earth warrior, storyteller and lawyer, with a mission to promote ways of living more harmoniously with nature and with each other.

3 thoughts on “Hold my hand

    1. I agree! We should try, just as we should still try to achieve things, make goals, plans etc… I think the important thing though is not to be too absorbed by outcomes, which may or may not come about, and in doing so forget the value of the journey itself… 🙂


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