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Economy of Love

I dream of a world where the economic system reflects the natural, intertwined, self-correcting, sustaining, and balancing ecosystem of the earth itself.

Let’s let go of all that we do not need. Let’s give where we see that it is needed and where we feel touched and inspired to show our appreciation. If we all do this, we can all have more than enough.

when we truly give, without expectation, we harness a power, of unconditional love, that comes from an infinite source beyond our physical world…

I’m developing a dream

for how to go

beyond commerce

	and those structures of exchange

systems of capitalism
the ones that rely
on bilateral ties

	“What do I have to give you for that?”


a pandemic of


(what did you think I’d say?)

	You see I envision

a great system of giving

	for there’s a special quality
that comes when we give

truly, deeply

without expectation

	we harness a power
of unconditional love
channelling, from 
an infinite source
a place that goes
to eternity
providing, endlessly

to match every need.

And remember

the Universe may give to us
in unexpected forms

from unexpected places
different directions as
we co-exist in a great

interwoven web of 


that’s the beauty

for instead of being co-dependent

on binary transactions
lateral exchanges
two-dimensional existence

we tap into
a multi-dimensional
where we all contribute to
and are a part of
something greater…

like a great living


a self-repairing

to resolve

any holes
sending strength
to the blooming

blooms of each


	Well, that’s the dream.

		Still, it’s taking me some time

it’s taking some trust
a lot of re-evaluation
as I question
	is this possible?

		or will my naivety
	be the financial ruin

of me.

	Yet, the only way to get out of 

the system

is to inspire enough
to make that system 

it will collapse

on it’s own

when it’s no longer


And so, how much, I want to ask

and hope that you’ll answer

how much do you need
to settle all your debts?

all that
and more

	so that you can be free

free from it all

	so you can have the time

time to follow your heart

	so that you can make a choice

if you want

to give

without motivation
for what you might get

in return

	trusting simply
in the ebb and flow
the adjustment of wealth

tangible and intangible


		as Universal law

takes over
and we ride the waves

of this


You can read more about my views in my blog post “monetary ebb and flow“.

If you resonate with my mission, I invite you to spread this energy in whatever way you are able to and feel called. Remember also that a gift doesn’t have to be monetary.

If you want to support my work financially, and in particular developing our healing sanctuary in Costa Rica, you can donate through the button in the right hand corner of the page.

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