“Spirit is the subtlest form of matter. Matter can be thought of as the densest form of spirit.” 

john upledger, craniosacral therapy

During my “Sacred Rhythms” bodywork sessions, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and reconnection with yourself.

I am trained in Levels 1 & 2 craniosacral therapy (CST) from Master Dan Springer. CST is a non-invasive, light-touch therapy that works with the craniosacral system: consisting of the structures in the head and face, spinal cord, and sacrum. The craniosacral system produces and delivers cerebrospinal fluid to the brain and spinal cord, and this fluid is responsible for nourishing the central nervous system.  CST helps treat a variety of symptoms and conditions including headaches and migraines, stress, depression and anxiety, neck and back pain, central nervous system disorders, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

During my Sacred Rhythms bodywork session, I use CST techniques to examine the fluids and membranes in and around the central nervous system, and release any restrictions. I also work with energy, sounds, and poetic guided meditations, to help clear energetic blockages and guide you into states of deep relaxation and reconnection with your body, heart, and soul.

In addition to therapies, I offer retreat experiences in my jungle sanctuary. Enjoy a therapy followed by an organic home-cooked meal; as well as time for sharing and grounding. Or, stay for a longer period of time to really relax, connect with yourself, and the nature all around.

*I believe health and wellbeing is a universal human right, and want to make my sessions accessible to everybody. I also believe in moving away from systems of bilateral exchange, towards a more expansive “giving” economy where we share what we have in excess and what we are able to give, in order to effect a natural re-distribution of wealth and resources, and transition beyond co-dependent structures to a web-like interdependent ecosystem. Read my poem: “economy of love” to feel deeper into my mission.

For this reason, I do not operate with a fixed pricing model. If you would like to work with me, contact me at to discuss your needs and exchange.

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