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Quantum Dreaming

There was no answer, there could never be: each question springing a thousand others, like branches sprouting into the endless ether…

Join me in an exploration of the subconscious mind

this unedited photograph was captured by a friend during the 2020 Geminids meteor shower in Nosara, Costa Rica

Come, allow yourself to let go, and collapse the cage of limiting beliefs and definitions…

As a child, I grew up with an intense fascination of the night sky, the stars, life beyond this planet and the mysteries of the universe. My father did his PhD in theoretical physics, and I’d demand daily for an explanation of “what came before the big bang“. Some of the first proper books I read were on quantum physics. I’d explore, with fascination, concepts such as the multiverse: the theory of multiple, parallel universes, where reality plays out in a myriad of alternative ways.

As humans, we have a desire to look for explanations for everything: whether that be through science, religion, or spirituality. But ultimately, in this search to pin down definitions, labels, and explanations of experiences, we close off to the endless array of possibilities. We create a limiting box, a prison, within which we live.

That’s why I simultaneously believe everything and nothing. Because as humans, the truth is we know so little. So much cannot be proven or disproven.

My goal, through my artistic work and by sharing my stories, meditation and mindfulness techniques, is to help you reconnect to feelings of pure wonder and fascination with the simple fact of existence. A wonder that allows your heart and soul to expand, to feel joy and ecstasy, to move beyond the limitations of the mind and the constrictions of this physical reality, in order to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life, embracing your full potential.

Tell me…

Where does the moon go,
Why does she sometimes hide her face?
Silver beauty, heart's delight
hiding in shadows, oft she's missed.

Tell me why does the wind blow,
Sometimes gently other times fierce?
A harrowing howl, possessive and fierce
Before settling to a calm caress

Tell me about the candle glow,
What happens when there’s no more wax?
Soothing the soul, sweet scent,
It’s a rapidly dwindling bliss.
Tell me how to describe treasures dear,
Moments melting into the mist?
Like smoky curls from an incense stick,
Tender tendrils, transient kiss.
Tell me why am I gripped with sudden fear,
As I reach the end of the road?
The mind dizzy, restless soul,
Lost in wisdom’s abyss.
Tell me how long do I have left here,
To learn your lessons, start afresh?
Unwind all that was lived wrong,
Before departing, spirit in bliss.

Surrender into the feeling of wonder, and watch possibilities unfurl, blooming like a flower…

Over the abyss, into empty sky
my spirit grows wings
so that I may fly
to survive beyond
these mortal wounds
as my body crumples
on this broken road
And realities bleed together
from another world
where my ego's whims
had unwittingly asked
for this to be the 
way that I die

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