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Spotify: Cara Goldthorpe, Flett & Goldthorpe

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I am a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I began teaching myself guitar to put music to my poetry, and I play original songs inspired by my journey through life and diverse experiences – from working as a lawyer in the city of London, to living humbly in the jungle of Costa Rica. My performances fuse together music, poetry, and stories, and I seek to inspire my audience to connect with the heart, with nature, and with the beauty of life – in all her seasons.

I compose a wide variety of music in both English and Spanish, from mantra-style chants for medicine circles, to storytelling ballads, and soft rock.

My debut single “The Alchemist” is available on Bandcamp (if you’d like to buy the track to support my work) as well as Spotify and all major streaming platforms. I will also be releasing more singles shortly!

I am also one half of the duo “Flett & Goldthorpe”, alongside my husband and creative partner Alex Flett. You can find his website here, and his music on all major platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify. Purchase his debut album here. Our joint music appears on Spotify under Flett & Goldthorpe.

Alex is a “One Man Band”, playing the harmonica, guitar, cajon, tambourine and hi-hat at the same time, all the while singing his original poetry. He was born in Costa Rica and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, where he began playing as a street performer. He now shares his music around the world, putting the wordless into words, and aiming to inspire others with his songs that tell honest, from-the-heart stories.

Below is a video of us performing together in Organico, Montezuma – the song, the Alchemist, was written by me a few hours before meeting Alex for the first time.

 Below is a poetic spoken word collaboration with a friend of mine, Dani Mora.

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