Mentoring & Meditations

We see peace, when our mind transcends concepts of division, separation and polarity.

We feel peace, when we find the capacity in our hearts to embrace all, without judgment, with love.

We live peace, when our body unites with our soul, in a gentle dance, and fills the sky with the grace of its harmonious song.

I believe that everyone is their own teacher… and my mission is to help you to find the teacher within yourself, in order to create and live the life of your dreams…

I have been passionate about health and wellbeing since suffering from post-viral fatigue over 6 years ago. This started a deep journey of devotion to my self-healing, recovery, and learning about health – of the mind, body, and soul, and the way in which all these aspects are interrelated. Now, I want to share the knowledge that I’ve gained from my years of research, study, and most importantly, practice.

I offer mentoring sessions to those who want to break free from unhealthy habits, expand consciousness and connection, or are contemplating a new way of life. During my consultations, we will discuss your needs and lifestyle goals, develop a plan for achieving them, and equip you with the tools and resources you need. My support includes providing advice and planning to develop a healthy routine that suits you, as well as tailored guided meditations to help you unlock your inner power and wisdom.

Claim your power…

… liberate your spirit

Suggested offering: $40 for 1hr consultation

I believe health and wellbeing is a universal human right, and want to make my sessions accessible to everybody

For this reason, my prices are not fixed. You can read more about my philosophy and dream for an "economy of love". 

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