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May you find peace...

in the Universe within your heart, 

and in the comforting safety, 

of Mother Earth’s embrace, 

holding you, as you transform...


One of my passions is to invite others into my home – a healing sanctuary space where I live, with my husband Alex, in ritual and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. I love to share what I have and show you my world…

I co-create retreat experiences with guests, depending on your individual needs: whether you just want quiet space to relax, home-cooked food, a local “tour guide”, or healing sessions. I am trained in Craniosacral therapy, and offer guided poetic meditation journeys. Alex is a black belt in Kung Fu and teaches Qi Gong and Kung Fu. He also supports me musically and energetically with facilitating ceremonial gatherings.

I am now based in Dominical area, Costa Rica. The unspoiled “Costa Ballena” (whale coast) stretches for miles (including the Uvita National Park), and there are rivers and waterfalls in abundance. You can join us camping on the land as we develop our healing sanctuary and community centre, or in rental accommodation for more comfort.

I also have many connections in Montezuma, Costa Rica, where I lived for 2 years, and can arrange visits there for you, or link you up with other local therapists and healers.

Being hosted at Cara’s amazing and peaceful rooftop house in the Jungle overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica was one of the highlights of my trip. Her hospitality was full of simple pleasures, practicing morning yoga on her tree canopy enclosed veranda, eating delicious freshly cooked organic food, relaxing and journaling overlooking the ocean, visiting the beautiful and unspoilt beach at Montezuma, playing ukulele, singing and dancing and all enriched and supported by a series of deeply moving and healing massages by her and her friend Jonathan, which released trapped pain from my body and left me lighter and freer and able to let go of trauma from the past and reenter back into my life with renewed vigour and optimism. Less than 2 months later my business is flourishing, I have found love and I am feeling as happy as I have ever been. Thank you Cara for all your care and help 🙏💚🙏


May your soul soften…

… warmed by the dreamy dawn

I believe health and wellbeing is a universal human right, and want to make my experiences accessible to everybody. 

I also believe in moving away from systems of bilateral exchange, towards a more expansive "giving" economy where we share what we have in excess and what we are able to give, in order to effect a natural re-distribution of wealth and resources, and transition beyond co-dependent structures to a web-like interdependent ecosystem. Read my poem: "economy of love" to feel deeper into my mission. 

For this reason, I do not operate with a fixed pricing model. If you would like to come and stay with me, contact me at to discuss your needs and exchange.
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