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My novel “Siege” is out now! Available to order in paperback and E-book internationally through Amazon and all major online retailers, as well as select stores in Canada, Costa Rica, and the U.K. A big thank you to Big Moose Publishing and all those who have supported me in this journey to bring Siege alive.

Those fortress walls
you built to defend
your gold, your riches
from your neighbour’s clutches;
sturdy stone, would stand
many egos, over aeons,
and yet, could never
protect you from
that darkness lurking
within your own heart
that sickness, breeding
from the depths of that
very earth you spoilt
when you made her a slave
to the whims of your greed
and your toxic human desires

* * *

Arian is a storyteller and psychic, who has been hiding under false names since birth for reasons even she does not know. When her city comes under siege, she unexpectedly finds herself leading the people into battle. 

But all too soon, the troubles within her own heart cause Arian to manifest destructive realities. When her brother is wounded and she is captured, Arian is finally forced to look her inner shadows in the eye. Will she succumb to the darkness, or learn to love even the enemy? 

Siege is a metaphysical fantasy tale, infused with poetic prose, rich symbolic imagery, and insights form the author’s spiritual journey. Beyond its written words, this is an activating spell book for awakening our subconscious and casting light on our own shadows… in order for us to heal our internal relationship with self, and thus with the world.

What is magic?” he asked, eyes wide with curiosity as he gazed at this strange gypsy girl. Well, though he called her a girl, really he had no idea of her age. She had a youthful look about her, but something in the deep fathoms of her emerald eyes betrayed an ancient wisdom: as though she had watched the birth of stars, and captured remnants of their glinting fire in the swirling mystical fabric of her soul.

She smiled, a glowing warm smile. Laughter began to spill from her rosy lips, first a slow trickle and then a flowing avalanche of joy.

“Come, do you not see?” she whispered. And she took his hand, and she led him into the jungle deep, and she showed him the secrets of Life itself…

I love sharing stories. They can serve as such a bridge between worlds: connecting people from diverse backgrounds, helping us to learn from one another and our life experiences, provoking thought and reflection, and speaking in different ways through metaphor that activates and sparks the subconscious.

I perform many stories orally, alongside my poetry and music during live performances. I hope you also enjoy the works available on this site.

Recent works

Poetry and Music

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