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My ongoing fantasy saga, which has been in the making for over a decade, tells the story of a war between two races and the destruction of the earth. It is a story about people, emotion, and the struggle for survival; of different perspectives and the search for an ultimate truth. Drawing inspiration from history, science, religion and mysticism, this vivid and multi-layered tale explores the plight of the human race, from the rise and downfall of civilisations to our relationship with the planet.

In 2012, the first book (The Awakening: Dawn of Destruction) was voted amongst the top 5 books of the month on the former HarperCollins website, Authonomy. Select chapters are available to preview on this site.

“She told stories to fill an empty spirit, hiding from the truth. But the world bleeds from enemy wounds, and she cannot run forever.”

The story begins with a focus on the journeys of two young girls, Arian and Taalin. One reduced to enslavement and the other rising to power, both will struggle to fight the greatest evil of all: corruption of the spirit.

“When the enemy strangle your home with flames, seize your loved ones and crush your hope, dark emotions grow within like a gangrenous disease. And then, no one is a hero.”

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