Meet the Forgotten Shadows: two artists lost in the void of history, unknown to the world.  Live their journeys through sanity and madness, in this psychological tale told in two parts.  Through poetic prose and imagery, the reader will be led on a provocative exploration of the impact of trauma, addiction, the corruption of the human spirit, and how cycles of suffering are perpetuated through generations.

– The soul is born, alive with music and colour and beauty…

Part 1: Capturing Perfection

… Our talents, meant to be explored and celebrated and shared with the world. But when that is stolen, the inner beauty becomes twisted by forlorn rage and rusty fear. And then the soul begins to crumble…

Part 2: Nails on Canvas

… All too easily, the song plays out of tune. The paint runs dry and the pigment is corroded by greed and lust and envy. And then, then the soul is destroyed.

“Capturing Perfection” is a short story told in four chapters, available on this site. It is also published in the anthology “Fusion” (August 2013), available on Amazon.

“Nails on Canvas” is a novella, and a work in progress. 

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