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In deep presence…

There is only Now… to surrender totally and wholly into living.

This spoken word/poetry piece just burst out of me the other evening, around sunset time.

I hope it offers you some inspiration and a spark of courage to dive deeper into doing the things that you love doing; living your life more fully and taking advantage of all the beauty that this world has to offer.

One of the things that I love about my life in Costa Rica is how connected I am to nature’s rhythms. I wake with the sunrise, and wind down with sunset. These times are sacred to me: times when the veil between worlds (of earthly reality and the spirit realm) is at its thinnest.

I like to spend these hours in stillness – taking the time to meditate, breathe, and just listen to the environment around me and beyond me. This practice helps me to connect with myself in deep presence, as well as observe my existence within the broader ecosystem of the universe. It also helps me develop greater appreciation for the beauty that exists all around us in this world.

I love setting that time aside to watch the sunset and marvel at the magnificent eruption of colour in the sky. In parallel, I find my heart reflecting that eruption – expanding with a sense of peaceful joy and love, as I marvel at the miracle of being alive. As my mind finds stillness, I will often also find song lyrics, poetry, or messages of guidance drop into me. Unlike my mental thoughts, they don’t come from the logical/rational part of my brain, nor does it feel like they even come from me at all.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, I invite you to take some time to connect with the sunrise or sunset – or both – for a week, and see what this can do for you in your life. I appreciate that this practice may feel harder in a city, where it may not be as easy to observe the sun because of buildings/clouds in the way. However, I wrote this poem in London – nature, spirit, and connection, can be found everywhere we go.

Perhaps you can find a nearby park. At the very least, set aside a moment for meditation so that you can be in stillness and silence during those 15-20 minutes or so around the time the sun crosses the horizon. After your meditation, take a moment to journal – writing down anything that came to you from the practice. Or, if you would like a prompt, consider writing on topics such as:

Remember, the time to live is now. And if we place our attention on the things that bring us joy, love, and peace, that is where our energy will flow.

Have a beautiful weekend,


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