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Surrender to Oneness

Perfection is all;
It is the shadows and the light
The day and the night
The silence and the noise
That asks us, to look inside
Build our sanctuary, inner peace 
Eye at the centre of the storm
Find stillness in the chaos
Integrating, without judgment
All viewpoints, without separation;
For to choose, one side of the illusion
Is simply to perpetuate 
A forever divisive, polarity
That will have your mind, running in circles
Eternally, to the end of time
So please know, through all this madness
There’s a void in the heart
That transcends the good and bad
An emptiness awaits
For your sweet surrender;
It’s not a curse, but a blessing
It’s the blank canvas, for creation 
To start afresh, with the wild colours
Of a life beyond
The black and the white 

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