All We Need

Sending Saturday morning good vibes from Costa Rica, with this new upbeat tune about love and simple living.

I also want to share some tips on how to feel more “wealthy” and free yourself from the trap of thinking you need to work harder, in a job that may not correspond with your true passions; the trap of taking loans to pay for things that you don’t really need, putting yourself into debt that will just tie you up further in these negative cycles.

I want to help you realise that no matter what you have in your bank account, you can make your dreams come true. Sometimes you might just need to think a little bit creatively and outside the box.

Wealth is so much more than our bank balance. Grab a pen and some paper and write down – what are the things that really make you happy? Time? Relationships/love? Music? Dance? Food? Nature? When you expand your definition of “wealth” and start to become aware of the things that really make you feel good, you develop the awareness of what changes you need to make in order to ensure you are getting those things. When you act on that, you will start to experience a shift in your attitude that will help you to build up the confidence to start living the life that YOU want. We create our own luck: with every choice we make, every step forward down our true path. And when we feel “wealthy” inside, it is so much easier to walk the road no matter what obstacles come up.

I was only in a professional job for 18 months before circumstances trapped me in Costa Rica, and it’s now been a year of unplanned time off in which I’ve been transitioning and building a new life for myself whilst seeing my bank balance go down each month. There have been many obstacles come up, and difficult decisions to make, going against the grain of what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing with my life right now. I’m birthing a lot of projects, but I have no idea when all the pieces of the puzzle are going to fit together, and when the seeds I’ve planted will sprout. I keep myself motivated, positive, and in a mindset of trust, by tuning in with the non-material things that keep me feeling happy and “wealthy” inside.

I am also often inspired by stories I hear from people I meet here in Costa Rica: who came traveling with nothing, and made it work. A friend bought her plane ticket with all the money left in her bank account, arriving here without any friends or community, and is now successfully sharing her hypnotherapy work. Another friend slept on the beach for a year when she first left her home, and didn’t have the money for accommodation, and is now a popular musician in town. Her joyful reggae tunes very much inspired this song!

If you enjoy my offerings, I am grateful for any support you wish to show, whether with a donation or sharing the good vibes 🙂

Pura Vida (“Pure Life”) as they say here!

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Storyteller, holistic health guide, and lawyer, with a mission to promote health and ways of living more harmoniously on this planet and with each other.

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