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I wake, and I remember you;
divine essence
from a wistful dream's calling
And so I rise, 
shine in my truth
from burnt shadow
to flaming grace;
I've learnt to sate
that inner longing
for another's sweet,
loving blessing;
I've united with
that love in my soul,
with the collective heartbeat
in mine

* * *

From loneliness we journey on, to find wholeness in sweet solitude, learning to love the soul within our bodies, realising that we are all that we need and that we are deeply connected to everyone and everything: we are all matter, there is no division and there is no separation, and to the stars we return…

Whenever you feel lonely, take a quiet moment to sit, with your eyes closed and hands upon your heart. Breathe deeply into that space and picture a ball of light, growing stronger and brighter, and expanding out into the world: meeting and joining with other balls of light, other souls, uniting and dancing and rising up to the sky.

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