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I woke this morning, on Christmas Eve, feeling like I was on the cusp of my own rebirth. I have only just started to appreciate the extent to which the last month has drained me, physically and energetically. But it has been an important month of lessons, learning, and growth.

When faced with challenges, it is easy to slip out of our “good” routine, easy to fall into habits that don’t support our wellbeing, and ultimately, contract into fear and negative emotions. But equally, it is easy to snap out of that cycle, by taking little steps to reclaim our power, doing things that bring us energy and lift our spirits.

Music and creative expression is one of those things that empowers me, and the last few days I made the conscious effort to engage with this. To sing, despite the pain in my inflamed throat. To play my guitar, despite the pain in my hand from the scorpion sting and the subsequent wound I’d accidentally given myself, when my fingers were so numb I could barely hold a knife. To dance barefoot in the garden, despite the tropical rains and the frail feeling in my limbs.

This morning, and after a night of torrential rain, the sun was shining as though giving its approval and blessing for my self-care efforts. I got out of bed with a spring in my step and, feeling more myself, walked freely (i.e. naked) to the kitchen to make my coffee. I’ve decided I can’t live with anybody who isn’t comfortable with my nudity (it gives me such a feeling of liberation). Life is too short to suppress our authentic expression. Life is too short to hide in a box.

And if you’re inside, locked-down, and struggling with physical entrapment: remember that nothing can trap your mind, if you choose to be free.

I’ll leave you with a song that emerged in these days…

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