Adieu, I hear her whispering

A bitter sigh upon her lips

Her body’s ache is audible

Her pain shimmers before my eyes


Her face is blank with resistance

Yet I see her grim turmoil as

It wreaks havoc – beneath her brow

Lurks her mind’s unrelenting ghost


I want to touch her, and to kiss

Away those fears, that lonely haze

But her voice is cold: she retreats

Further still behind gloomy walls


The fiercer that my siege becomes

As I attempt to rescue her

The stronger her stony visage

Repels me from her secret heart


Until I’m the one who does sigh

As I fall, spent from my failure

The battle is lost, the end nigh

And to you, I lament – Adieu


Photographer: Robert Doisneau

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Entrepreneur, earth warrior, storyteller and lawyer, with a mission to promote ways of living more harmoniously with nature and with each other.

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