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The Dawning Night

The sun, she stoops to kiss the sea
Reluctant touch, as fatefully
Her colour bleeds away from sight
Cedes to murky realms of twilight

But until then she glows fiercely
Defiant of her destiny
Rebelling against her night foes
Though caught in death’s spasmodic throes

Up above an erupting sky
Signals to all a warning cry
Against deception’s wanton hold
That grows within as was foretold

A vicious struggle plays between
The spirit virtuous, pure and clean;
The ghost that seeks your submission;
A heart raptured by collision

For deep inside lurks a sickness
That traps the mind in hopelessness
But deeper still there is a chance
To reunite with life’s wild dance

And in those blazing colours strong
The ones above that race along
With their sign, an elusive clue
They’ll bring you purpose to hold to

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