I hear, before I see her

With her voice like molten gold

Weaving through the trees it fills

The spaces between with glory


And I feel, tug on my heart

A firm pull, but not ungentle

Sure and true, like wisdom’s whisper

Guidance from a future that I dream


Then I glimpse, midst the branches

Bronze limbs shining ever bright

Her skin oiled and smooth as

The tender touch of sunrise


She turns, the halo of her light

Blinding me for a second

And when my eyes recover they

Behold a sight so pure I cry


With laughter flowing from her

Precious lips of gleaming rose,

She reaches a hand to steady me

And share her joyous love


But whilst she moves, the veil

Of her auburn locks reveals her

And I falter in the presence

Of the body that’s endured her scars


It seems she doesn’t notice,

Her naked flesh betrays not a flinch

She smiles, a smile so audible

It soothes the cracks within my soul


Then I feel, more than I see her;

Sparks igniting in my blood

As in her arms she holds me,

Takes me away into her world


With the melody of her free spirit,

And the aching harmony in mine

Our bodies weave a music

To endure beyond our time


Now in my mind I’ll hold to

The sweet scent of her courage

And so long as I remember, she

Will fill me with feminine might

Published by Cara Amy Goldthorpe

Entrepreneur, earth warrior, storyteller and lawyer, with a mission to promote ways of living harmoniously on this planet.

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